North Shore Agencyeagles super bowl train - payment wrong

S Sep 20, 2019

I purchased the Eagles Super Bowl train. Just wanted to pay the last installment. North Shore says my balance is $95.94. The terms when I initially purchased the first train, were $59.00 for each section of three would be $59.99. The bill I received had the final caboose charging $96.94. This a very imporant gift for someone & I want to make the last payment of $59.00. i don't owe $95.94.

It was my intent to make the $59.99 payment today. Please rectify this matter ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation & quick response.

Susan Allen
Acct: 64953407271002158923801
Acct: [protected] Item: Philaadelphia lasr train (caboose) As I mentioned this is his b'day gift.
This a gift for my son whose fatther passed away suddenly @ 52 yr Old & now I have cancer. Just trying to make my son find some joy in this train. He & his dad watched or went to every game for a long, long time. Please advise.

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