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Add People / Add Media Group / site advertising, promoting and improving

Oct 30, 2018

They found me after i oppened a google add express campaign. They told me terrible lies accusing google that was stealing my money and many others. They promised me that in a few months they will guide me to success. I paid them to set up my my campaign 250 and 100 plus VAT every month. For...

Add People / Add Media Group / ppc services

Oct 11, 2018

Buyer beware, be very very careful of signing up with this company. Their initial chat and overview will promise you to improve on what you have previously acheived. Do your research fully and properly by reading reviews and others of their customers. They will then ask you to sign a 12 month...

Add People / Add Media Group / campaign

Sep 29, 2018

We already asked to terminate contracts in July. No payment went out in August. So it was quite clear you understood we had cancelled . You asked if you could do us a landing page free of charge, which normally is a cost. We did ask to verify there was no cost and you said no. Which wa...

[Resolved] Add People / website design/ adwords/ facebook advertising

Sep 03, 2018

Paid them 4, 000 to design a website. They spent 7 months trying to push an absolutely terrible website on me causing a lot of stress, making me feel like i was being awkward and also costing me money hiring graphic designers to try to resolve some of the issues. Only for them to turn...

Add People / Refused a refund when I cancelled one hour after purchase- a right bunch of cowboys

Jan 16, 2016

Stay well away from this bunch of pushy con merchants!! They phoned me several times a day (unsolicited) to get me to speak to them. Eventually I took their call and a VERY pushy salesman called Graeme Browne persuaded me to pay nearly £250 for a consultation I'd be having several days later...

Add People / Unprofessional, pushy, rude consultant!!!

Sep 22, 2015

Just had a dreadful time wasting call from Add People!!! on the phone for 42 mins to a terrible pushy consultant to which, in the end, was pretty much having a go at me, do i not want my business to go anywhere, where do I want my business to be in 6 months! crikey what a complete tool !...

Add People / Mugging people scams

Aug 05, 2015

Stuart Britton they did the same to me I believe in what this guy saied in another review, the ruined me, no more ever again add people, Simon you ain't got a bloddy idea what you sell through your mouth Absolutely shocking service... Do not be fooled by these fake reviews! The...

Add People / Theft

May 16, 2014

Be aware addpeople are a scam company this company will scam you and use black hat seo, your site will vanish and they will still charge you monthly for nothing, they cost me £5000. The people who stole from me his name is Toby Dean, be aware. Add people are a scam seo company, that will sit...

[Resolved] Add People / Scammers

Jul 23, 2011

Addpeople are scammers. Do not do business with this shady outfit hiding behind a corporate smile. Same scam, links, google ad's they will sell you anything to line their pockets and leave you with nothing. Corrupt from top to bottom do not trust, this is a scam, they are a scam, the directors are crooks