North Shore Agencyrebilling me for something I paid them for already


On July 30th 2009 I recieved a collection letter from North Shore Agency Stating " This is unacceptable" that I owed Disney Movie Club $66. I owed them this because the automatic payments they were receiving where canceled because I receieved a new debit card and forgot to update the info. Well any way once I receieved the letter I immediately called and made the payment and cleared the account up. Yesterday Sept 8, 2009 I recieve yet another letter from North Shore claiming I still owe the $66. Well I pulled up my bank statements and easily found that on 7/31/09 a payment to the North Shore Agency was posted on my account. When I called them this morning first all on there automated symstem all you can have the option to do is to make a payment. There is no option to speak to a representative. However on my bank statement I found a phone number attached to the debit they made, so I called it and I actually got a person. After explaining it too him he didn't believe me that I had made the payment and said he needed proof from my bank!!! Then I questioned him saying ok if the payment was never made, then how did I get your number!!! The number I called was not on the letter anywhere it was a totally different number.
My bank was gracious enough to fax me a copy of the debit withdraw they made. I then proceeded to fax it to the idiot I spoke to on the phone. I requested a phone call back... do you think I got one, nope I finally called him back and asked if he received my fax, at that point he decided to look for it and said yes I have your fax and phone number... I had to ask him if he was going to call me back once this matter is cleared. I am still waiting for the call. How hard is it to see that their incompetent company receieved money from my bank on 7/30/09 the statement is clear as day... As god is my wittness they will not receive another cent from [protected]@! Oh and as an avid Disney consumer... they will hear from me !!!

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