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NordicTrack review: buyer beware - horrible product support

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Buyer beware!

While it seems the do make few great machines it seems, ours was entirely defective and in the end even proved dangerous.

We’ve now learned that nordic track/icon offer horrible customer service and that they will not honor their warranty with a full replacement should you get a lemon - which may in fact be common.

Please note: we informed icon on numerous occasions that a failure to replace our lemon machine would result in us publishing this review.

They don’t care.

So here’s the full scoop...

Summary: after eight (8) months spent waiting on hold, for parts and for tech visits, and fighting with icon/nordic track to get a resolution, we now have a hunk of metal in the basement and a lame offer to refund what we paid - which won’t buy a new machine or haul this pile of crap away.

The story begins about two weeks after we assembled the machine... A three hour effort, which we did carefully. I am quite mechanically inclined and honestly everything was easy and straightforward. Viola! Let’s get in shape. Not.

Soon after my wife began using the machine, the troubles began. (Note: she is not over weight.)

At first, the machine did not track correctly along one of the roller tracks. After checking connections and evaluating the machine, it became clear that one link arm had likely been bent in shipping or welded wrong. We contacted customer support who nicely arranged our first of many visits. This took about 30-45 min of hold time.

They ordered us the parts they suspected were at fault. We waited a couple weeks for them to arrive. I replaced them. The problem was not fixed.

We called tech support back and spent another 40 minutes on the phone getting a tech scheduled to come out.

However! Before the tech would come out they asked that parts be ordered. It took over 6 weeks for the parts and the tech to arrive.

He fixed the initial problem and confided in us that these machines are often “dropped” on the way over from china. They get a rough ride he said. These repairs are somewhat common. Still, the machine at least now tracked correctly.

But! After another week of use, the machine developed a knocking noise around the flywheel area. It’s internal and not user serviceable. We called support back and though we requested that the first, friendly and very knowledgeable (And local!) tech return, they chose to send another from a neighboring state. This call took another 30-45 minutes of hold time... Don’t ya just love hold music?

Still no working machine.

The tech visited a number of weeks later and then ordered parts. Another month or so passed waiting.

The tech returned and upon opening the box, he exclaimed to great frustration that they sent both wrong and broken parts. He had just wasted an afternoon driving to our state. We had lost another month and half waiting for parts.

Still no working machine.

At this point we’re just plain frustrated. Clearly we got a lemon. Total piece of...

We waited another month for parts and a follow-up visit. The tech installed them quickly and then after less than a 5 min demo to see if the noise was gone... He was gone. A glimmer of hope though, it was initially quiet.

But! During the very first full workout use, the sound returned same as before.

Still no working machine. Now we’re just angry.

I called customer support to express our displeasure with what was now a 7 month ordeal waiting to get a working elliptical. Another 45 minutes on-hold and on the call. Wasting my life...

I asked for a replacement. They refused. They insisted on fixing it one more time. They must of figured it was some minor issue.

Tellingly... We had been in contact with the service team as well and they repeatedly told us we needed to get “much angrier” with icon to get to a resolution. The told us we must be being too polite. Imagine that. History much?

Since icon never mentioned not using the machine and frankly since we were so frustrated, my wife continued using the just repaired machine with the annoying knocking noise, while waiting for yet another tech visit.

That afternoon the machine basically flew apart. The pedal assembly came loose from the fly wheel (Not a user installed part by the way) and my wife was lurched off the machine, twisting her knee. Thankfully... No real injury to speak of. Could have been worse for sure.

I called back, waiting another 45 minutes on-hold throughout the call, and expressed my outright disgust with icon and nordictrack.

I demanded a replacement.

I was told I could wait 10 more days for a response!

I asked for a supervisor to call us back in three days. We left detailed contact information. They did not call.

Today, we received a letter offering a refund or a credit to a new machine. Since we bought the machine on sale, directly from nordic track, they will not offer replacement value... Only a refund.

Still no working machine.

Between the ridiculous wait times, months waiting for parts, numerous mechanical failures in the machine, and a final unwillingness to honor their warranty by providing a working machine, it is clear to us that nordic track/icon has no interest whatsoever in having satisfied customers. None.

Buyer beware!

If you get a good machine, great. Lucky you. As for us, we’d never have gambled $900 on a machine the manufacturer clearly refuses to stand behind.

Oh, and if you do get a working machine... Pray. All of the techs told us to, without question, get an extended warranty ($200+) even though they don’t sell them or make commission. They have simply seen the machine’s life span and cost to fix. Not good apparently. Not good at all.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 13, 2015 2:28 pm EST
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The electronics never worked right for me. Horrible. Could never be repaired and even though under warranty, did not get a replacement.


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