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Nokia award promo sent me e-mail that I am winning the sum of 250 000 pounds and for delivery of the check to me by fed ex, I have to pay a fee 300 pounds. I paid it and a few days after mr. George carell, claimed agent from nokia - london, 2nd floor berkley square house, old traford, london w1j 6bd, made me a call again that I have to pay one more fee this time for anti-terrorist certificate - 1200 pounds.
I sent to mr. George carell by western union the sum of 500 pounds only and for another part of the sum he told me that will help me. Everything was ok till the day he made me a call again this time for another fee for second anti - terrorist certificate - 3500 pounds and I didnot paid nothing because I understood that this is a big fraud. Do somebody will protect us??? Where is nokia???


  • Ra
    rania mah Jan 14, 2012

    me also i recieved the same email, i doubt that it is fraud as they are sending to me name of a person who is cash officer at nokia to send to him courier fees, if they are true why they don't send to me official bank account by the name of the company where i can ensure of it
    any way i completed the theme to see its end and when i reached the step of transfering money i prayed to allah (صلاة استخارة ) and believe me noone except allah can tell you the right path, and i went to 3 offices of moneygram and western union, and every time it stops for a reason either they have no exchange of currancy or they didn't accept dollars i have, so it stopped from allah, at that time i became sure that my doubts are true and it is fraud, also when i send them email asking why i'm sending to person not nokia or courier company directly they didn't answer me and evade

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  • Om
    omar_3318 Sep 07, 2011
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    Verified customer

    اشكركم حقا على تعاونكم اتوضيح المووضع وهذا نص رساله وصلت الى
    2nd Floor Berkley Square House,
    Berkley Square London,
    W1J 6BD London,
    United Kingdom.

    Dear Winning Beneficiary,

    Congratulations, Your Email Was selected at random as one of the Lucky Winners for the 2011 ON GOING NOKIA UK PROMO, and your email address has won you 415, 000, 00(G.B.P)IN THE NOKIA UK PROMO.

    Payment Number: NK249N
    Verification Number: NM-00222-674PF
    Amount Won: 415, 000, 00 GBP

    Kindly provide the details below for delivery and give them a Phone Call

    1. Full Names: ...
    2. Home Address: ...
    3. Age: ...
    4. Sex: ...
    5. Nationality: ...
    6. Occupation: ...
    7. Phone: ...
    8. Country: ...

    Please Contact the Below Details for Claim:

    EMAIL; [email protected]


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  • لقد تلقيت رسالة قصيرة على هاتفي النقال تفيد بانني فزت بجائزة نوكيا 590000 جنيه استرليني واتكلمت معاهم وارسلو ايميل يفيد اني انا ابعث لهم تكاليف الطرد ومن ثم هم يوصلوه لحد الباب وخيروني 3 خيارات 72 ساعه او 48 ساعه او 24 ساعة ويصل الطرد الى الباب هل هذا يعقل اوانهم نصابين كيف تتركوهم يلعبون باسمكم ياشركة نوكيا وما لقيتو لهم حل وتوقفوهم عن الاحتيال على العالم

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  • Jo
    john chijioke okafor Mar 04, 2011
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    Verified customer

    i recieved this kind of text too, bt thank God that i did not fall a victim, pls take note so that you will not fall a victim!

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  • Je
    Jerdi Feb 15, 2011

    I got the same text ten minutes ago, different number [protected], on my Sony Ericson phone! Total scam, please be sensible and ignore these scammers.

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  • Hu
    hunnybunny Feb 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my wife recieved the same text today, same code and web's def a scam..please beware !!!
    no one gets 900 grand for owning a nokia especially when it's not even a nokia
    ps the latest scam number is =+[protected] if anyone feels the need to bombard this number with texts be my guest!!!

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  • Co
    comos Feb 03, 2011

    can you plz tell me the trust? about is money please you are play with GOD PEOPLE'S if you are play with GOD people. you will see what GOD is going to do to you or the company of nokai award stop that thing if it is not true?

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  • Ra
    RAFSHA Jan 31, 2011

    i have got the same sms and I did not believe in such a thing. I looked for nokia award in google and I saw your complaints. Thank you for your explanations . Rosy ---Dubai

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  • St
    stellas Jan 17, 2011

    got phone text exactly same as Ihmu sucks same code EMAJN same live email same 900, 000 pounds. It sounded good for one minute but my phone is samsung

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  • Am
    Amit_104 Jan 15, 2011

    I also got a mail yesterday saying that my mobile no. has won 500, 000 pounds. the no. was from Ireland. Thank god I checked the net first since i dont believe in these things.

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  • Sp
    Spope Jan 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Haha Seriously guys. Ask yourself. Why would you need to pay a fee to get your money? Its one of the oldest and most common scams.
    Nokia isnt taking action because they probably dont know about this. And on the other hand they cant take responsibility for every scammer and gullible victim.
    Theres alot of scammers in the world, you and noone else need to take responsibility for your money.
    And yes, i recieved a text msg aswell telling me ive won 500k gbp.

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  • Ra
    rahmankhanswati Jan 14, 2011

    am advocate on the behalf of ashraf khan balakot distt mansehra k.pukhtoonkhwa pakistan...he recieve sms from tel no [protected] that is (yous mobile no.won415, 000, 00 pounds in nokia-promo.payment no.nk141, forclaims email:[email protected] & tel:+[protected]------------------------its requested that nokia company must take action aghainst the culprits. its there legal and moral responssibility...advocate rahman swati pakistan

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  • Ma
    mark mc Jan 14, 2011

    i recieved texty message at 4.23 am on tuesday 11 1 2011 stating my number was selectedand won 900.000pounds in the nokia awardsand gives a claim code and email adress so idecided to do a search on the good old nokia awards and this is where it led me to ( no body gives you 900000 pounds from the other side of the wotrld) just bulls...

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  • Bu
    bumagat_mark Jan 13, 2011

    i am from the philippines, and i received a sms stating: Nokia celebrates 40yrs. Your mobile number has won 900, 000 pounds in the Nokia Awards. To claim your prize send email to [email protected] from +[protected], i searched google for the list of international numbers and found out that it was from Finland. then I searched google for the Nokia award thing and i found this site. what should i do. please email me here [email protected]

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  • Lh
    lhmu sucks Jan 11, 2011

    better using money to track down these scammer thieves

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  • Lh
    lhmu sucks Jan 11, 2011

    nokia sucks

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  • Lh
    lhmu sucks Jan 11, 2011

    nokia celebrates 40yrs. your mobile number has won 900, 000 pounds in the nokia awards.claimcode:EMAJN. to claim your prize send email to [email protected]
    i got this at 4.04 am today

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  • Lu
    lupita29 Nov 05, 2010

    i dont understand! can someone explain to me [email protected] a get a message from nokia about the same thing "winner" but i dont know if that is true or not. what shoul i do?

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  • Ku
    Kusa Wunba Oct 13, 2010

    i dont know why Nokia will sit back and watch fraudster using their names for there fraudlent act please do something about it

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  • Sh
    shaze Feb 07, 2010

    i received same text and believe it to be a scam if anyone can advise otherwise please let me know

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  • Pr
    PREETHI PERERA Jan 23, 2010

    Dear Sirs,

    Same as the others I have received a message on my mobile phone on the 31/12/09saying: Congratulations!!! YOUR MOBILE NUMBER has won 250, 000.00 GB pounds on the UK NOKIA MOBILE PROMO DRAW[protected] email:[email protected] After that I mailed them and asked what is this?

    I got reply from Mr Anderson . J Maxwell, and says this promo is approved by the British Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gamming Regulators (IAGR) with claiming form.I filed that form and sent back.

    Later I have received another mail From them and it maintioned az express courier name and virification no (CN-[protected])

    After that I got mail from AZ express with weight & colour of the parcel and asked some 185/- gb pounds( for courier & insurance)it says make my payment through western Union money transfer to their accounts officer named Elisa Finchley, Bloomsbary street, wc1b 3QJ london, UK

    This last e- mail I received from Ms Femine parker, Accounts Manager, A2 express courier; [protected]

    E-mail - [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Before I sending this money to them I want to know is this promo true ? shall I send money to them ? PLEASE ADVICE.

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  • Me
    memorable777 Jul 13, 2009

    hello i took the same mail from nokia.what should i do?could someone help me?heres my mail [email protected] özlem hanım sanırım aynı sorunla karşı karşıyayız.birlik olsak iyi olacak bana ulaşın lütfen

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  • Zl
    özlem Jul 09, 2009

    I have got the same mail today and I did not believe in such a thing. I looked for nokia award in google and I saw your complaints. Thank you for your explanations

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  • Po
    porshe Jun 19, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello M'aria,

    Sorry that i did not answer to you very fast.Tell me something more about this fraud and did you paid some money ?

    Have a nice day!
    Best regards!!

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  • Mr
    Mária Jun 15, 2009

    i get same email. and thanks

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  • Da
    David Oct 31, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Boy they must have lots of money ...DUH ! !! So you think you won a prize .Your first clue should be the email address associated with the return response.Like @gmail or in this case it is @live . Isn't it odd that they would select 1million 5 hundred instead of 1 million.Do you think that Barr is someones name, not at all if you were a lawyer in Nigeria you title you would proudly display as Barrister not Barr as it shows. In Nigeria clearly a land of macho men where they treat everything else as property they would display a bs title as all lawyers do. They paid for it. Still think you won ...
    I Don't Think SO...

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  • Ab
    Abbas kiani dowom Oct 30, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr.Barr stead okafor;
    Two days ago I was informed by my mobile that I have won a prize in Nokia promotion.
    Please tell me if its true or not!?

    Thank you very much

    Abbas kiani dowom

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  • Ba
    bahjat tantish Oct 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have resived a latter from you by my e mail box, it say that i had won in nokia pord but i did not no is it true or not
    please tell me.

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  • Ta
    Tamoaieta Sep 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comfirm to me if the winning promotion that was sent to my mobile number is true or not.

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  • Ay
    Ay. Sep 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received this suspicious message in my email box and I acted on it. Please confirm how true is this message.


    Abuja, Nigeria
    September 2008,

    Attn Nokia Email Winners:

    We are happy to inform you that your email address was
    selected as the recipient of the sum of One Million Five Hundred
    Thousand Dollars ($1, 500, 000, 000) in our online promotions.

    You winning number is 33901hhy11, and we want you to know
    that about 2 Million Emails were selected through a computer
    balloting system drawn from E-mail addresses all over the world.

    This Online Promotion is sponsored by the The Board of Directors
    of NOKIA as part of their own way of contributing to world

    You are to contact our Release consultant with the information below
    so that he will instruct you on how you will claim your prize.

    Name: Barr Stead Okafor
    (Stead Attorneys)

    Email: [email protected]


    Provide him with the below details:

    Full Names:
    Telephone Number:


    Nkechi George
    Nokia Nigeria

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