Kingston Nissan / unethical behaviour, assumed discrimination, fraud

790 Gardiners Road, Kingston Ontario, Canada

My name: brian r. dawson
Address: 602-62 old oak road, kingston ontario, k7m 6x3
Date of incident: march 5 2019, until so far, 2019-04-15

Car purchased: 2013 nissan sentra - 4dr s dn - cvt sv - stock # ct18-2
Mfr c4rg13
Vin#: 3n1ab7ap5dl655818
Dist. trav.89017 km

Sales person: ben kennedy

After meeting above sales person, I explained that I needed a reliable, easy on gas car, because my wife and I are disabled seniors, spending a lot of time with doctors and hospitals, every day of the week.
Sales person ben kennedy assured me that the car was very easy on gas, and mechanically sound. ends up it wasn't.

Even though I took the car for a test drive it seemed to run well, I did hear any strange noises, or feel any strange vibrations etc. is neither hear nor there, i'm not a mechanic.
I trusted this sales person, so I purchased the car. only to be let down, and left extremely frustrated.

First weekend following march 5 2019, we had to cancel a trip to napanee, because the alignment was so bad, I couldn't hold the car on the road, without exerting enough pressure on the steering wheel that it caused a burning in the muscle in my arm, bad enough I had to keep switching arms.
#1- had to get an alignment, and pay for it.
#2-3-4 days later I went to nissan's main dealership in kingston, on the way, engine light came on. had to pay to have that fixed.
Service advisor was jesse manning.
#3- ask this advisor if I could get service records on my car, he went out to my car, got the vin number went into his computer, handed me a copy of service record. when I got home I looked at it, the vin number wasn't even close to mine, and it was for an altima.
#5- after repairs were finished for the engine light the advisor gave me an inspection paper, which stated that I needed new struts in the rear of the car, the old ones were shot and leaking, and that would cost me almost $1000.00, and to be done right away.
#6- from there, I went over to car one, where I bought my car. told the young woman advisor my concerns about the struts and other repairs that was going to cost me over $1500.00 dollars in less than the first month of owning my car. she all but called me a liar, pulled up the inspection paper on her computer then stated in a loud voice, that there was nothing on the inspection sheet about rear struts.
I told her there was on the one I had at home. she snapped at me and stated that if those struts had to be done, it would have been done by them, car one, because that's where the safety was done.
I then asked her if she was telling me that the service advisor at nissan was lying, or was he telling the truth, and it was the mechanic at car one that do a proper safety?
At that, she shut her cell phone off, her computer, and more or less dismissed me by
Saying, she would get to the bottom of my complaint, and get back to me, that was the week of april 8 - april 13 2019.
As I expected, she never did get back to me.
I then checked the mechanics safety inspection, as I suspected, the only inspection he did was on the breaks, not one square on the back of the safety sheet was checked off.

The only resolution that would be reasonable, would be a full refund on the repairs that I have already paid for in less than the 30 days of march 2019.
And those rear struts, and front cv boot, (sorry I almost forgot the boot), should also be paid for by car one, because, had the safety been done properly, they would have had to change them before I would have bought them.

As for the mechanic, he either didn't want to follow the rules set down by law, or he
Was talked into just checking the brakes by the salesman ben kennedy in order to move the car off the lot sooner, as I was there waiting for it.

Apr 15, 2019

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