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NIMS Hospital review: the irresponsible behaviour of a doctor in nims hospital, hyderabad

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This complaint is about the Doctor who is meant to see the Diabetes patients in NIMS, Hyderabad...Dr.P.V RAO.
My mother got a serious raise in the sugar levels, as she is a diabetes patient.when consulted many local doctors in our vicinity, each doctor is giving report differently.In this context one of the local doctor gave a highly powered tablet so that the sugar levels will come down rapidly.But it went in other way instead of 'cure' .Body negatively responded when my mother took those tablets...she got continous giddiness..headache..faintness..and what not.
But the result is same..and to be fact it's still getting worser.
Got fed up with all this, we thought going to NIMS hospital is correct as it comprises 'qualified' doctors who meant to atleast prescribe correct medicines.We took appointment waited for 3-4hrs for our turn.Finally when our turn came the doctor told to have few tests and bring the reports..we went to the test...took x-rays...gave samples(blood, urine)..took eye test ...Did all these with much of our effort, Time and Money too(as the tests are costly) as we are the sufferers and we know the seriousness and danger of the much hiked sugar levels.
Next day(when Dr.P.V.RAO is present) we took the reports, went to Hospital and again took token, waited for few hours(without even eating anything being Diabetes patient).When our turn came, we went in gave reports to Dr.P.V.RAO .He dont even want to see the reports and more over with utter negligence seeing somewhere and told us that there is no need to come to this Hospital for such a 'silly' reason of Diabetes.Then he asked us "where u came from?".We told Dilsukhnagar.Again he told "there are many local doctors, clinics available in Dilsukhnagar.No need to come here and waste our time.This is the Very Big Govt. Hospital meant for Very Big cases".And continued "This NIMS is under the central Government, not silly cases are treated here.You continue with your old medicines prescribed by your old doctor.Why didn't you came to NIMS since you got sugar and why you came now?"Then we told "we consulted many doctors..each telling a different medicines, different test but the problem is getting worse day-by-day "Immediately he told-"I also wil tell differently in 10 ways what will you do?"Finally he some how made us leave the cabin without even seeing reports of the tests for which we fetched lots of money, lots of effort, lots of pain.

Are the lives of Innocent people such a joke for such kind of DOCTORS.?
Who the hell will take care of these issues in our so called 'DEVELOPING COUNTRY' ?
What's the use of having a M.B.B.S and other degrees when not used for what they meant for.?
As said in one of the Movie people Of every religion will beg and pray to the one called as 'DOCTOR'.

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Jul 25, 2019 5:39 am EDT

No one can do any thing to NIMS administration staff and Nurses...they are the kings in that hospital.
even they dont care the doctors.

Apr 25, 2019 8:57 pm EDT

My aunty have been taken to emergency NIMS on 14 th April 2019 with SOB (shortness of breath) and r
Renal issue (KIDNEY )as she was undergoing dailasiys since last 4 months and have been admitted early hours of 15 around 7 'o clock with out any
COURTESY they have kept serious patient on wheel chair and have been given semi knowledge treatment with as per wish uneven timing of dailasiys (12 hours min waiting timings) and been discharged on 20 th April 2019 ...and have continued dailasiys as per advice given by DR.
After this yesterday ie..25th April 2019 same breath problem have been raised and have been brought to NIMS Emergency again at 11 :00am and after several requests they have admitted patient to AKCU ( Acute Kidney Care Unit) and have been in stretcher for 5 long hours and have been supported with only O2 ( Oxygen) though she was in need of dailasiys as per given advice of Dr .

Due to they irresponsibility of the treatment patient have been again suffered with SOB (Shortness of breath) and have been effected with Cardiac Arrest at 7:20pm. After Intubation she survived with ventilator support.
At early hours of 26 April 2019 ie... today at 3:45am we have noticed that ventilator have been disconnected and patient have been suffered with SOB and all vital parameters reduced, patient attender have informed nurse several time but reckless answer given by them and saying wht can u do me . After shouting at them Duty Doctor have been informed about the seriousness of patient. Dr have attended the patient and diagnosed but patient is serious till now .
This is the only mistake or irresponsibility duty of Incharge Nurse.

Incharge Nurse is saying no one can do me any thing
This is the way we are getting treatment in NIMS

Jun 30, 2018 12:58 am EDT

I paid Rs.5000 towards admission fees, i got a bill of Rs.5000.but they charged 2% as surcharge which was not included in bill.

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Jun 30, 2018 12:52 am EDT

All charges to be paid in cash... If you are usinh card for payments in Emergency ward cash counter, they are charging 2% surcharge. Just doing business no health service.

Jun 29, 2018 9:32 pm EDT

See this.. There is only one Admission counter with hell lot of people.. Noone is there to organize the queue

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Jun 29, 2018 8:58 am EDT

Only one Admission counter for hell lot of Hello... Anyone listening!

Jun 29, 2018 8:50 am EDT

Poor admission procedure. Such a big name in hyderabad. Noone really cares about patients.

May 09, 2018 7:43 am EDT

Worst service ! Neurology doctor A.K. Meena was irresponsible and was not behaved like a doctor.

Feb 27, 2018 2:24 am EST

Nobody is there in IPL building 13 still I am waiting in 4 hours

Feb 27, 2018 2:18 am EST

This hospital is good but stop warkars was not cooperating to Tha peshant complete corrupted Hospital

Mar 14, 2017 7:08 am EDT

Nims may be a good hospital but my side this is the worst hospital ever. My father is suffering from gallbladder stones and was referred by esic hospital to nims. As we though of joining there, we went to gastroenterology. doctor was very good and patience about our problem. But he visits nims only once a week (Tuesday) we took tests for 2 weeks and doctor prescribed medicines and the 3 rd week we went to hospital at 9a.m huge crowd was waiting there.and there was a situation of emergency for 2 patients, , there was no place to them to sit and the thing is that about more than 120 patients are waiting for consultancy and our numbers is 25 to reach the doctor...we waited for abou 4 hours for consultation.
My question is y only one doctor for such central hospital NIMS?
If we calculate time and no of is the result
120 patients if doctor meets each patient about 10 mins
Its about 20 hours..! Great to have patience waiting for 20 hrs.. The staff was too rude and no proper sitting facilities many people slept on floor.
And my wish is- plss u government people.., first learn the things which can happen smooth rather than hurting people's health.
Below photos shows the NIMS hospitality

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Dec 16, 2015 4:52 am EST

The worst hospital ever seen in my life... The nurses are very patient less and they don't care about the patient or the attendant...the way they talk is more or less like a labor only...the cheapest attitude is what they have...the care waste of people who are bothered about the patient lying on the bed...ICU of NIMS is very worst in terms of cleanliness...especially the NICU very very very worst cleaning...they wipe in the morning complete ICU and least bothered on cleaning the patient's waste...COMPLETE LOW LEVEL STAFF IN NIMS ARE ADDICTED TO see patient we need to give money to visit places we need to give bribe...My cousin was admitted in NICU and she was there for about 10 days in the hospital and took last breath in this hospital only...she was put on Ventilators for complete 10 days and once she passed away the way the Nurses were talking there was so sick...I just asked the sister...what is the reason behind her death...she responded very rudely..."we told her husband 4 days back only that she will die...but no one was caring" they don't bother about the death of a patient...they are forgetting that one day they are also going to DIE...So ruthless people...I strongly don't recommend this hospital to anyone.


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