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NIMS Hospital / sonu doctor nephrologist out patient block room no 16

Oct 05, 2019

Good morning to the complaint boards department neems hospital meeted to doctor on [protected] time was 9:10Am and we was saying over problem behalf of my cousin he asked who r u what u know u just stand he was irresponsible and he was very short temper person and he is such a waste doctor...

NIMS Hospital / entire system in nims hospital

Sep 26, 2019

In emergency ward they are not taking patients. And security people behave rude at patients. Billing department people . they don't take admission fee and after 2 hours they charged. 3000 extra along with the. Admission fee. Cleaning is big problem over there. Every person inside will take...

NIMS Hospital / irresponsible behavior

Sep 17, 2019

This is about Dr.A.K Meena(neurology) She is very irresponsible in her profession.Here only 1 patient should come to the but more thn 2 patients are coming. Her behavior is rude and careless. Her consultancy is just 5mins within 5mins checkup is completed.she is very busy with her mobile, never...

NIMS, Punjagutta, Hyderabad / neurologist, doctor a.k. meena

May 09, 2018

I'm very much upset with the consultation and simply wasted my time being there. My father have paralysis and one of the Doctor referred to consult NIMS Dr. A.K. Meena. She was irresponsible and have no courtesy to explain what is the problem, highlight was she was not able to understand the...

[Resolved] NIMS Cardiology Hyderabad / Irresponsible behavior and treatment by cardiology doctors nims

Mar 16, 2017

My Father 65 years old without basic way of pre-checks conducted stunt procedures, as the calcium is high effected heavy heart attack. Later again conducted stunt procedure post to that IDIOTic doctors of cardiology doesn't know how to behave with patients in terms of handling. Main...

NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad / The irresponsible behaviour of a doctor in nims hospital, hyderabad


This complaint is about the Doctor who is meant to see the Diabetes patients in NIMS, Hyderabad...Dr.P.V RAO. My mother got a serious raise in the sugar levels, as she is a diabetes patient.when consulted many local doctors in our vicinity, each doctor is giving report differently.In thi...