Forrest General Hospital Complaints & Reviews

Forrest General Hospital / labor & delivery nurses/crna’s

Oct 04, 2019

The nurses and crnas are very rude! They look like they are miserable with their lives! I took my sister to Forrest General the day she was going to have her baby and Iris told her to be there at 5am! We got there at five and they said we had to wait for a room because WE DIDNT CALL FIRST!...

Forrest General Hospital / emergency room

Sep 08, 2019

History: 45 year old male, IBS, no gall bladder or appendix, previous two weeks on a diet of potatoes due to IBS, 12 pounds lost in last month, presented with severe pain in upper abdomen under rib cage, pain so severe blood pressure was elevated and body trembling. Anything drink or food...

Forrest General Hospital / er doctor

Aug 28, 2019

Dr. Asma Khader is as unconcerned & unprofessional as they could possibly come. I have been fighting double pneumonia, asthma exacerbation & bronchitis for over 2 weeks with a total of 2 admits into the hospital & numerous returns to ER & still having problems with...

Forrest General Hospital / emergency room

Aug 22, 2019

Today I arrived at your hospital at 7:30 am with my girlfriend who was in serious pain and losing a lot of blood due to her menstrual cycle. The problem has existed since we been together. So on this morning we came to your facility for the pain she was suffering from. You registered her...

Forrest General Hospital / Safety

Jan 07, 2015

My father was a vulnerable adult. He suffered a severe brain injury in 2005 and passed away this past June at Forrest General Hospital. During his last hospital stay at FGH my father informed an officer he was afraid for his life and requested the officer to keep someone out of his room...

Forrest General Hospital / over charging


I went to Forrest General Hospital to seek care for a swollen leg that was completly red with fever. I waited in the waiting room for around four hours and was told by the nurses that they were sorry for the long wait that they have misplaced my chart. After the nurses let a bunch of...