Nikeair jordan 6 retro sp, travis scott

I had my first ever Travis successful order today! I was so so happy. I got my confirmation email, my order history on Nike account also said order was successful. AND I even got my card charged for it!

Then suddenly when I checked my order history on my Nike account it stated my order was cancel, for NO APPARENT REASON. I did NOT cancel my order. 😢

I tried to contact Nike through their chat system, with two different athletes and BOTH of them couldn't even give a reasonable reason that Nike cancelled the order.

I am truly devastated and heart struck by this unfortunate event. I really hope Nike could take responsible of this, as I did get an confirmation email already and money was already deducted. There's no apparent reason to not make my order smooth. I'm a big fan of Nike since I was a kid. And having this Travis Scott would mean the world to me.

I hope Nike can fix this, I really want the shoes. 😭

Oct 11, 2019

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