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J Sep 08, 2018 Review updated:

The hardest thing I had to dispose of were my Tiger Woods shirts. I have always been so proud to have met and followed Tiger for so many times during the years my wife and I traveled after selling our business. However, I am sure Goodwill will have someone who will want them.

I personally will never buy another Nike product. You want to enter politics then run for office. I am a Veteran and have no respect for those who do not respect our flag. If you want to discuss race relations then also include discussing: 40% of our violent crimes are committed by 13% of one race; 70% of single parents are of that same 13%; lowest number of graduations from HS of any race; no respect for others rights. More blacks are killed by blacks in Chicago each weekend than all the police mess ups in the country each year.

Unfortunately your CEO and his hatred for our President is more important to Nike than being a company that wants to discuss the issues, not force others and their ideas to be silenced.


Jerry Trickel
400 Shadow Wood LN
Hurst, TX 76054


  • Ji
    Jim Bourne Sep 09, 2018

    Many Americans have sacrificed everything starting with but not limited to Nathan Hale, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Pat Tillman. A person not on that list is your present hero who took a knee to impress his political girlfriend. How dare you. I, my children, my grand kids and almost everyone I know will never buy another Nike product again.

    Jim Bourne
    Spring, Texas

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