Resolved Nfi*www. / Cc CAnever wanted but charged 10.61 for 6 months

They have been deducting this amount for more than 6 mos. Have called them several times from my winter home in jupiter, fl 33477. To no avail. I was applying for my credit line and suddenly netflix appeared and was unable to remove it. Please have them refund at least 6 mos. To my account with wells fargo visa credit card. Thank you. Maurice g. Lussier telephone number [protected] — jupiter florida.


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    lovethissite May 24, 2011

    They can't just charge you if you didn't set up an account or a trial account in which both cases you would have to provide a credit card including your security code on the back of the card.
    If you did not do this and they do not have your information correct you should be able to dispute it with your credit card company.
    If you forgot to cancel the trial and they started billing you then it is your fault.
    Also if you do have a Netflix account you can log on and stop service. They will not bill you. You can even choose stop and start dates such as if you are going out of town for the summer or you don't need it for a few weeks.
    I have had Netflix for a very long time and always recommend them to friends. This is the first story I have read that is negative.

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  • Je
    jean Sanislo Jun 16, 2011 myname is Jean Sanislo . I just received my bank statement for my Visa card. i see the two charges of$14.95
    what i am charged for 2 dvd's. But this time there is also one for
    16.23 a and the www. address to netflix. What is that amount for?
    i have not ordered anything from netflix. can you please answer this before I send in payment. Thank you . Jean Sanislo.

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  • Mo
    Mohsen A Hedaya Jun 30, 2011

    My credit card have been charged 7.99 from Netflex. However I did not request any service, I have never visited their web site even.

    After receiving the charges I tried to see what is the company that are charging me, I received a message that said I cannot receive their services since I am living abroad.

    Mohsen Hedaya

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  • Ri
    Ricky Martin Jul 06, 2011

    charge twice in june

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  • Ri
    Ricky Martin Jul 06, 2011

    i was charge twice for the moth of june

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  • We
    wedeyes Mar 07, 2012

    each month i am charged $14.99 and always have second charge of 7.99. i use the service and am willing to pay the $7.99 for just streaming movies but Never ordered the service option that also includes the mail dvd. So, basically i am being charged twice for the service as well as the fee for mail dvds(which isnt part of the 7.99/mo plan. Is there a number to call?

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