New York Sports Club [NYSC]unauthorized charges and wire fraud


I went to New York Sports Club in March I paid for a one day membership, so I gave them my card. Within a week they refunded me the money because they said it would be free.

In April they started charging me monthly membership fees which I did not authorize. They continued to charge me until August.

They also charged me a yearly fee which was $74.80.

Then when I went to sign up in May since I was back from college they failed to tell me that I already had an account open with them, so they were charging me for two accounts.

In total they stole $181.60 from me and when I went to speak with the manager he said the most I can refund you is $100. I told him no I wanted the entire amount refunded. He then said well I can't do that it's either $100 or nothing. I told him you guys stole $181.60 from me without my authorization and he said well good luck and left.

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