New York Sports Club [NYSC]cancelled my membership to lucille roberts and they are claiming I did not and are threatening to take my "balance" to collections

D Jan 29, 2018

I was a member of Lucille Roberts in Valley Stream and decided to cancel at the same time that the credit card I had on file was no longer in use. I called to cancel and was told I could and also received an email a few weeks later stating that my account was being cancelled due to my credit card not being valid. I thought that was the end- my membership was cancelled and that email confirmed this. I then started receiving emails recently that my account was past due and is going to go to collections. I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE GYM ANYMORE. I dont have an account and you are welcome to check and see that I have not been to the gym since the end of august/beginning of september. My name is Danielle [removed]- my email address is [protected]

I would like the charges removed- my name cleared as having a $0 balance and a letter stating that I owe no money and my membership has been cancelled.

Thank you

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