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New York Life Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

New York Life / Agent/Financial Service Professional Position

Wac72 on Jun 4, 2016

First of All, I have been with NYL for 14 years and cannot be more proud to be with a company that supports its agents. New York Life is not out there scamming any one. I have been blessed to have helped close to 2300 of my clients in all areas from insurance, retirement, college, and...

New York Life / Employer

Dontworkhere on Apr 10, 2016

Don't work for this company. New York Life will use you to gain a few policy's, company does nothing for its new agents in regards to getting them leads. A lot of the partners in the company were never agents themselves... how can you have somebody that never worked as an agent...

New York Life Insurance Company / Not paying

Reviewer55166 on Oct 29, 2015

My mother passed away august 14.2025, I submitted the claim form etc month later they are waiting on paperwork from hospital... I called hospital records they informed me they submitted all paperwork requested. I still have not heard from them. Though my mom passed within the...

New York Life / Scam by Agent John Wilbanks

rcait79 on Aug 24, 2015

My mentally and physically disabled husband was scammed of his life savings by one John Wilbanks, who "blesses me with God". My husband entered into a contract with Alcor Cryopreservation. He was catastrophically ill, and therefore the contract is null and void. He is also buried...

New York Life Insurance Company / Ledger deductions

LHoyle on Dec 29, 2014

I am a former agent of New York Life Insurance Company. In my opinion, this type of work is best suited for single people or people still living at home. To be a first year agent, while supporting a family, is nearly impossible. This job is 100% commission based with no base pay. Automatic...

New York Life / Deceptive Business Practices & Management

Blueboxhater on Sep 19, 2013

Steer Clear of this company New York Life Greater Oregon Agency. Over the course of 5 years I have seen abusive behaviors as it relates to agents and clients in terms of manipulation and intimidation. Blake McKinney has demonstrated on various scales of just how incompetent he truly is in...

New York Life / Employment misleading/discrimination

NYLVegas on Nov 10, 2012

I was contacted by a recruiter and by the general manager. After through a series of employment verifications, I was hired as an agent, being promised by the general manager who reviewed New York Life documentation that I would earn $125k per year following the model (as was the same with...

New York Life / Whole Life Insurance / bad product

pissedbob on Aug 21, 2011

In 1992, I purchased their 150K whole life insurance based on their overly optimistic estimate: pay premium for 11 years and at 70 the death benefit is 272, 955 In 1996, the revised (still overly optimistic) estimate is like this: pay premium for 14 years and at 70 the death benefit is 206...

New York Life Insurance Company / Unsolicited mail

CAP-CPM on Jul 20, 2011

I have received close to a dozen mailings soliciting mortgage insurance. I have called and asked them to stop the mailings. I was told that they obtained my information from a courthouse list, that close to 100 agents review that list and they could not stop the mailings. I am very frustrated by this and will never do business with this company.

New York Life Insurance Company / rep's unformed about own policy and procedures


New York Life Not Reliable to Give Correct Advice regarding Life Insurance and Death Benefit Process I know nothing about insurance death or dying and ask customer service specialist or company agents for advice guiding me through the process of helping me help my Grandma prepare for death...

New York Life Insurance Company / Sold Unsuitable Product

Single, childless woman charges that New York Life Insurance agent and documentation at fault in sale of “unsuitable” Variable Annuity with a Guaranteed Death Benefit with the blessing of the Washington State Insurance Commissioners Office. According to the St of WA Office of...

New York Life Insurance Company / Do not give them any of your time or money


NY life is a very dishonest company. Do not give them any of your time or money. I have had nothing but problems with them. from the local agents to the headquarters, no one within the company will reveal any info, any direct questions, or put you in touch when any form of real authority...

New York Life / Awful company


I was contacted by a recruiter after submitting my resume through my university job placement website. I couldn't imagine our academic institutions would actually participate in such an outrageous rip-off scheme. First of all, it took them 4 interviews and 2 'workshops' to finally...