NetFloristvalentines blunder!!!

G Feb 14, 2020

I ordered in advance a Personalised Purrfect Cat Teddy, with Chocs Hamper on the 6th of February 2020 for delivery today on Valentines Day.

The order arrived on time, but only the chocolates were delivered and no Teddy.

I have made over 20 calls but no one answers and the prerecorded voice is a nightmare to even understand what the individual is trying to say - quite a joke in the business world to have such immaturity (not sure which stressed me out more!!)

I am out of town and I have not seen my partner for the last 3 months!
You guys really know how to hurt people on special days like this.

We trust you and your "words" published on the internet, all the while you cannot uphold simple commitments like the quality of your service.

NetFlorist - Why!?

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