I put on Netflix pretty much every night before i go to sleep. I've watched numerous shows on here and plenty of movies. I always liked Netflix, they had decent content and i always found something interesting to watch. Until i turned it on tonight. When went to the Netflix channel BOOM the first thing on my screen (shoved right in my face) was a documentary that just came out called "living undocumented". Here we go getting involved with politics. You lost my view Netflix. Maybe i'll come back when i see a show regarding the white/black lives instead of this [censored]. Another network shoving political opinions in our face. Pretty much a documentary of people that aren't from here bashing our country, i mean are you serious? I understand they need to have diversity on their network but not something like this. Very unprofessional on their part. 100% lost my view and many others that i will tell about this

Oct 04, 2019

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