Netflixstupid! dumb! idiot in charge! stop jumping to promos at end of movies!

G Jul 12, 2019

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! The hubris is unmatched and really spoils the good thing you have going. I'm quite upset with your insane concept that you should jump to a promo for the next best thing right at the end of movies while you squeeze the credits to a tiny box. This is so stupid, it brings into question every other judgement you make.

You are Netflix. I have complete control over what I watch, when I watch it. I'm not panting as the last scene fades to black from one movie to jump to another by responding to what you think is the next trending movie that satisfies your promo desires. Let the god damn credits roll! Let me see where the scenes where filmed, or who played who. Sure, I can find all that out on IMBD, but I'm watching the movie on your f-ing system. Please allow me the choice of when I'm done with this movie.

Stupid! It's just so blatantly stupid that is shows your success has killed your understanding of how different you have made the viewing experience. Don't spoil a good thing. Eventually, I'll get to watch all the movies you have. Give me a chance to take a breath, soak in what I've just experienced and then let me decide where I'm going next. So, stupid!

You build a system that allows full choice by the viewer and then you take it away. Stupid!

Pissed and complaining to friends,

Greg Gilmartin

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