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D Dec 28, 2019 Review updated:

"Don't [censored] With Cats" is appalling. Deciding to include the actual footage of the kittens being slaughtered was a terrible one. I clicked on this thinking it was online cat videos. Next thing I know I'm seeing innocent kittens being murdered. This needs to be labeled as legitimate animal cruelty and butchery, not "depiction of animal abuse." There's a huge difference between fiction and nonfiction. Your company should be ashamed for thinking otherwise.


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    TheSuziek Dec 30, 2019

    I came to this site to file a similar grievance. I'm a 35 year old who hasn't been able to sleep since watching this film a day ago. I've vomited twice. I DO NOT believe in censorship, but this movie and Netflix do a completely inadequate job of warning the viewer and the gratuitous showing of film leading up to these gut wrenching scenes should quite frankly have the documentarians credibility thrown into question for any future work. Not okay guys.

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    Toucky77 Dec 31, 2019

    I’m still having nightmares from the first couple of minutes before I turned it off. Why would you air garbage like that around holidays when many people are struggling with depression already. Those few minutes made me physically ill.

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    M-22 Jan 03, 2020

    The show “Big Mouth” is absolutely disgusting. It’s about kids who aren’t even in 8th grade yet, thus, CHILDREN...and features sexual innuendo and lewd acts including beastiality, incest and innuendos of sex between these children and adults, or adult figures which appear to be these “hormone monsters”. It’s heartbreaking that an animated show (which should have a rated R warning and explicitly say it’s for Adult audiences...because obviously kids are attracted to cartoons) would exploit children in this manner. In an interview Nick Kroll brags about how much “shit they get away with” on the show. This saddens me for youth and for culture in general that such highly unregulated content would be on Netflix that children could easily watch. Please take this absolutely disgusting show away.

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    fernandovzamora Jan 04, 2020

    And what about gay Jesus. It is abhorrent. I left Netflix and suscribe to Amazon instead. They have terrible content but at least it is not blasfemous. Also Big Mouth sucks.

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    helentaylor Feb 16, 2020

    Designated Survivor.
    After watching the last season i deleted it, watching two men butt f**king in bed and the entire show having sex scenes and smut, I will cancel Netflix. the entire show was nothing but an add for the LGBTQ community. I almost threw up watching to two men scene..
    I watch British and Canadian TV. they have good shows.

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