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Well since Net10 is owned by Tracfone I have decided to post here as well as several other sites, I was a customer of Net10 for the past 12 years and recently around January of 2022 Net10/Tracfone made changes to their network as most carriers have going to the Volte standard.

We received a notification from Net10/Tracfone telling us that in February our phones would no longer work with their network and we would have to purchase new phones, we found this odd as the phones were Galaxy S9+ 2019 and were unlocked so we called them to inquire about it, this is when the nightmare started.

After doing some research online everything we read said that our phones are in fact Volte compatible so we called customer service, after about a 30-minute wait, we were finally connected to an agent, the agent checked the phones and said yes, they (our phones) are compatible but we would need new sims card and that Net10/Tracfone would send them to us free of charge.

I said great and we waited about 4 days and finally received them, I contact customer support to setup the new cards and after another 40 minutes the agent came back on and said our phones are not compatible with the new network and we would have to purchase new phones, I explained to the agent that the previous agent said that the phones were comparable and that is why they sent us new sims.

The agent then put me on hold and said he would check, the agent then came back on and asked me for the IMIE number of my phone and the number of the new sims card, after providing him with the information he wanted he then said that the sims card we have are the wrong once’s and they are Verizon sims cards and not AT&T and we would have to go purchase new sims cards.

At this point you understand we were getting a bit frustrated, with that said I hung up the phone and went to nine deferent locations till I found Net10 sims kits, I returned home and called customer service yet again after about another 30 minutes on hold an agent came on and walked me though the prosses of installing the new AT&T sims cards and getting the phone updated.

The phones seemed to be working fine and the agent said we should be good to go.

Well, you would think our phones were updated and good to go but you like myself would be wrong, on February 24th 2022 we went to bed got up the next morning neither my phone or my wife’s phone would not work, would not send or receive calls or text, at first, we thought there was an outage in our area and I used the net10 chat support to contact them.

The agent in chat checked and said yes there was an outage reported in our area to wait two hours and try them again, after about 3 hours our phone still did not work so I went to my moms and got her phone to call them yet again, after about 45 minutes on hold an agent came on and I explained that our phones had stopped working.

After the agent put me on hold for about 5 minutes the agent came back and asked for the IMIE and the sims number, I provided her with those numbers she put me on hold again while she checked, she then came back on and said that the sims cards are for new Net10/TracFone phones.

I informed her that the kits were BYOP kits, she said that they are not compatible and that we would have to purchase new cards, at this point I was getting pissed as our phones would not work, and now I have to order sims card yet again, I proceeded to order the card though her and she said they would be there is a few days.

After a few days the new sims cards arrived and I contacted customer support again this time it was only about a 15-minute wait, an agent came on and I explained to him what had happen and that I now have the new sims card they just sent me.

He asked me for my IMIE and to open the sims cards and give him the number on the sims card, but without a blink I notice that the sims cards were T-Mobile cards and I new right there that they were not going to work because we were told we needed the AT&T cards and I told him they said T-Mobile.

He said let me check after about 5 minutes he came back and said no those cards will not work, I asked him why they have sent us the wrong cards twice, and we have been almost a month without our phones working properly.

He continued by saying the only thing he can do is send us replacement cards, well this was the last straw I told him thank you and hung up.

This is not were it stops, we went looking for a new carrier and found one (NON TRACFONE), the new carrier sent us new sims cards and we received them in a couple of days, with the new carrier I did not have to contact anyone I inserted the cards and went online and activated our phone.

After activating our phones with the new carrier what know our phones now have VoLTE, WIFI calling etc., so it looks like our phones are compatible, ok so now comes porting our numbers over, we went through the prosses and waited on the porting to complete.

Our new carrier informed us the next day that Net10/TracFone rejected our port because the account numbers were wrong, and that I needed to contact them and have them release the numbers for porting because they could not submit them again.

Well, here I am calling Net10/Tracfone yet again, I finally got someone on the phone after on hold for yet another 30 minutes, I told the lady that I wanted our numbers released so we could port them to our new carrier, the agent then said we need to send you a text with a validation code, I said wait how are you going to do that when the phones have not worked in almost a month.

She then said she could send the code via our email accounts on file, I said fine I proceeded to give her the codes and she released the number, I thanked her hung up and within3 minutes got a text from our new carrier saying our ports were completed and our numbers have been updated.

Woo-hoo our phones are now working and everything is awesome we can now text send and receive calls and in HD quality at that, but wait it is not over yet.

After getting our phones updated and getting our old numbers working with our new carrier I still got screwed by Net10/Tracfone, my wife had her phone set to autopay every month so hers was easy I just logged into Net10 and canceled her autopay and removed her payment method.

My on the other hand was paid for six months in advance, I paid it like this so I did not have to worry about the bill ever month, I yet again contacted Net10/Tracfone after holding around 20 minute I asked the agent about getting a refund and the agent transferred me to the refund department.

Right away a refund agent came on the line and I explained that we switch carriers and that I was paid ahead for about 4 more months and would like a refund, she then took my number and said please hold, after a few minutes she came back on and said when you ported your number out to a new carrier you have forfeited any refund, I asked her to point out the policy to me and she refused and hung up on me.

Needless to say, Net10/Tracfone screwed me out of around $200 bucks plus all the time waisted I did contact a lawyer and he said he would look into it but I am not going to hold my breath.

After 12 years this is what you get, this is exactly why I by unlock unbranded phones.


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