Net10 Wirelesscustomer service... worst androids ever!

L Review updated:

I called Thursday about my daughter's phone . It had gotten a little damp last Saturday. I put it in rice for 48 hours . The screen is gone. I was told on Thursday that my daughter would have a replacement phone by Monday or Tuesday ... Basically 2 working days. Today I get an empty FedEx package left in front of my house. Luckily I was home and it wasn't stolen. Although it has nothing but a shipping label & package. I called because we were promised a phone. Now I havd to find a way to ship her phone back . So it will be about two weeks with no phone on a paid bill. Not to mention ... I had to talk to three different people who could barely speak english. They had no empathy for the inconveneince whatsoever . The worst of them was the person from Corporate who just kept speaking over me. After an hour of this I just hung up. He called me back to continue to argue. When a company makes a promise to a faithfully paying customer, that promise should be honoured ! They treated me so horribly that I am still having a panic attack ! So I will be contacting Fox News, Putting this up on Facebook and Google+, and possibly contacting a lawyer. If this is the way you treat the disabled, you should be reported . A loyal customer should never be treated thid way either ! Also I have our bills payed until the end of next month. I will now be looking for a respectful and honest phone company now !


  •   Feb 19, 2016

    On Friday I placed PIN card for $25.00 on my phone. I am still waiting for my minutes to post. Every time I call I go through the steps and nothing happens. In days they are working on my ticket call back in 25 minutes if I do not get. I can never get a live person. I want my minutes or my $25.00. After this I will look at other options.

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