Native Indian Madeunethical behavior

10/4/2019 Never do I order on line witout checking reviews. But I let my graud down and bought rwo irems spend 20.00$. I did get an rmail of my items, but no tracking . I been reading many complains about this co. Nativeindianmade and see wrong irems send or no irems sent. I did try calling, but thats a dead end also try rmailing, have not recieve any reponse. I guess I been scam, me who never trust on line buying. I ler my guard down now lets see if I do recieve the irems I bought. Why are they still allow to do this, they should be taken down. @0$ here 30$ there it add up they are scaming folks and it is wrong

  • Updated by Sandy Augusta, Oct 09, 2019

    Well soon after this I was contacted. Was explain that what I order was place on layaway ok So now I must call them to finish paying? Well I read many reviews with thumbup and some not so good. Will see what happens next .

Oct 09, 2019

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