Nationstar Mortgageformer employee spills secrets

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I am a former employee of Nationstar Mortgage. I resigned of my own will and was not fired. Therefore, I'm not harboring any grudge against anybody. But, I do want to warn everyone out there that this company has continued to practice innappropriate lending standards even after the mortgage bust when Fannie Mae collapsed. I was even as late as October of 2009 encouraged to manipulate income documents to qualify customers and to pressure customers to refinance even if there was no benefit. I was also encouraged to redistribute fees so that the company could report a profit while they were actually taking a loss in funds. There are some honest hard working people at Nationstar Mortgage, but the people putting the pressure on branch managers and loan officers are knowingly commiting mortgage fraud. Fishing for credit reports, manipulating income, finding ways to avoid liens on titles, these are just some of the ways managers are encouraged to help their loan officers make the sale. And if you are a customer of Nationstar Mortgage, I ecnourage you to keep a close eye on your credit report if one of their loan officers calls you. I can't tell you how many times we were encouraged go ahead and pull reports if we didn't have the customers full consent to complete an application for a refinance and those reports do count against your credit report and you will have to give an account for them if you apply for a loan anywhere.

Do yourself a favor- if you are an employee or a customer- stay away from any subprime leding company- including Nationstar Mortgage.


  • St
    Steve Apr 22, 2009

    Are you familiar with Nationstar's appraisal practices? Did they work with a particular company, or network of appraisers when valuing a property for a loan?


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  • Sh
    Shery Apr 25, 2009

    I would like to speak in person with this author. Also, Steve they never used an appraisal - they just assumed the value. Either author if you can email me @ [email protected] I could use some help. Thanks, Sherry

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  • Na
    Nanasix Sep 06, 2010

    My loan was also sold to Nationstar by GMAC. Couldn't get an answer on modification, and found a buyer. Had a pay-off in hand from them, quoting the pier diem interest fig. Atty wire transferred pay-off, deducting two days interest they weren't entitled to. They held it 5 days
    and returned it to atty. They wanted more money, sent me a bill for their insurance coverage, letters from a foreclosure mill here in NC. I finally pd the atty the 2 days int. they included a late fine and re-wired it to them, they held it for about 10 days before posting, and only did it then because the atty called the foreclosure mil in Wilmington, NC and told them they were looking at a big lawsuit if it wasn't credited fast. The last I heard it was accepted, but D/T is still not cancelled. I will gladly join anyone willing to file a class-action law suit against these people for their un-fair trade practices. It's the only way we're going to stop these crooks. There is safety in numbers, and we can't be the only ones hurt by these individuals. [email protected]

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  • Na
    Nanasix Sep 06, 2010

    I was with a title insurance co., 7 yrs. Licensed R/E Agent in Va. 25 yrs. Managed the largest Ind. Loan Co. in Va. for over 20 yrs. Have bought and sold many homes, and never encountered what I went through with Nationstar.. They must be stopped

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  • Je
    Jessalu Nov 18, 2010

    I cannot comprehend how this company is allowed to continue mishandling the most valuable possession in any person's life. Are we so intimidated by their superior attitudes, their stone-walling, threats and LIES that we assume there is no recourse? After 19 years of marriage, 18 years as a parent, 10 years as a successful business owner I am no longer afraid of anything. I have been taking careful notes, with names, watching for current mortgage news and I have to believe our voices do count in this, our America, our world. I'm in Texas and I will be walking through their doors next week demanding to see everything! Which probably won't be much because I have discovered our records make No NOTE of 90 minute conversations, NO NOTE of hard fought payment plans, NOTHING!
    I will not be brushed aside, I will not be talked down to, I will not sit idle and be ignored. I rammed through our Modification Loan by sheer force of will. And I will tell our story at every given opportunity because it is a numbers game. Eventually, someone somewhere will share the appropriate course of action to rid my family of these incompetents! They are street thugs and should be treated as such. And I WILL see them mortally penalized for their incompetency. The final result will be the passage of LAWS insuring the public's protection. It will be a long and hard road but I will walk it. Our nightmare is ongoing and I thank my Lord I have the time on my hands to deal with this problem.
    Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a DELIGHTFUL Holiday Season!
    Jessalu Wright

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  • Da
    Darlene Osborne Mar 31, 2011

    We live in our home we were renting and have been trying to purchase for over a year now we were down to the last part of the purchase and final appraisel when we were told the underwriter declined the loan due to health and safety issues . when i asked what those were they said it was because there was an auto auction /wrecking yard surrounding the property ??? what does that have to do with health and safety on my property .1. thre is not a wrecking/ auto auction surounding my property an old man lives behind me with alot of junk code inforcement has ok'd him a tow yard completely cemented is on one side to the far back corner and a nice home on the otherside past that approx 10 acres away is a storage lot for the auto auction all vehicles are one cement I dont understand

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  • Ga
    gary w gilmore Jul 20, 2011

    I was on a loan modification program with Citi Mtg and they sold my contract to Nationstar Mtg and now they're saying my loan payment will be over 300 a month more because they say Citi Bank was short on my escro. I just barely qualified at the lower payment. How do they expect me to pay that much more? From what I've been reading on the internet, they have had alot of complaints.

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  • Mi
    Miss_Demeanor Aug 20, 2011

    This company is sleeze with a capital S. They bought my mortgage from another lender two years ago and I tried contacting them for a refinance last year. The products and mortgage options they had were all shifty looking with bad rates and worse lender fees. I turned down the refinance offer and waited it out. Well now rates are low again and I found a company willing to deal fairly for a third the closing fees and with a ton of savings in other areas, but I'm being HOUNDED by Nationstar to renegotiate.
    They've just sent me an offer to beat my other company offer or give me $500, but the terms are SLIME, SLEEZE and SLICK. If you get one of these, READ THE FINE PRINT! The restrictions are that they have access to view your income, review your asset, you cannot have locked your rate with another company, they have the right to confirm the legitimacy by contacting the competing lender, pulling credit, and literally MESS with your negotiation and credit score. All for the grand prize of getting $500... what sleezy, underhanded, bullhocky.
    Do NOT get into a loan with these people. I didnt even discuss the poor customer service I have experienced.

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  • Ge
    george gaydula Jul 17, 2012

    . They assumed our mortgage and it'sbeen a NIGHTMARE. I filed a complain with the BBB and we had to hire a lawyer. They first started screwing us over in 2009 by almost doubling our house payments so after paying them they had to return most of the money because they messed up and the law would not let them keep it the money or I'm sure they would have. Now they sent a letter of demand for 4444.24 we paid it it was in their office by May 31st like Darius told us, well they said it did'nt come on time LIARS I overnited it. The predators said they did'nt get it until the 4th of June and my other check until June 7th, I mailed them in same envelope. Hmmm!!!. I called them because they unleashed their lawyers due to being late. Now Franlklin says we owe 3900.00 more money due NOW, we don, t have it so their calling in the loan. They are predators. Go to the BBB call yout atty general fill out the form, we must stop them. CROOKS, THIEFS, NO GOOD ROTTEN PEOPLE AT NATIONSTAR MUST BE TAKEN DOWN. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. I'm so pissed off at them I'm done with scared, now its time to get mad. L.G Crown Point, Indiana

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  • Jd
    jder Apr 30, 2013

    I had a mortgage with Aurora Banl and they it seems turn ed it over to Nationstar. It took almost 9 months to finally approve a short sale and the Bank refuses to provide me any any expenses. I have been carrying the house for over a year and i was supposed to receive some compensation, My lawyer has advised me that i get nothing, why then should i do a short sale? Let them just take the house

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  • Du
    Dunbar 2000 Jul 31, 2013

    My husband and I were involved in a scam and were not aware of this until June 2013. After being taken for over 4000.00 and being very behind on our mortgage. I called nation star and told them that I had the proof of the scam the money that I had paid them and asked what can I do to stop the foreclousre from happening? They were not helpful the lady that I had talked to stated that there wasnt much that they could do for us and that she was sorry we were scammed. I went to a local person for help a non profit place which helped us to put in for the step forward program that is offered through the state of Michigan. All that we needed was the paperwork sent back to the state from Nation Star. Now keep in mind the sale date was set for July 2, 2013. June 28th I contacted the step forward people and was told that they had everything in order and that it looked like we would get this help. Well July 2nd came and went and Nation star mortgage stated that it is in their policies that they can postpone a sale date. I dont understand why they would rather have a home foreclosed on versus helping someone out that was okay'd for the program. July 26th Nationstar mortgage finally sent the paperwork to the Step forward program and we were granted this money for all the money that the people whom scammed us took from us. I informed the state our home was already sold at the sale back to Nation Star mortgage for a lot less then what we owe. I just would like to know how come it is when you have the proof and you go to people for help how come no one is getting this???? I have been lied to and feel that my husband and I were cheated due to not having any of Nation Star's policies or their procedures as our loan was also sold to them. Whom do we go to for help??? I have recently started writing our senators and filing compalints every where I can think of but I just feel that scammers go unpunished and now my husband and I whom have 3 children are out cold...

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  • Ki
    Kim Oakley Dec 02, 2013

    After a lifetime of working diligently to earn and keep an excellent credit rating, the website glitch at Nationstar Mortgage has taken away a lifetime of good credit. I signed up for monthly deductions and verified that within 100 percent certainty. The first notification I got from them was yesterday, that my loan was two months past due. I immediately paid in full plus in advance through February. I am now in the process of a 90 to 120 day review period to see if my credit can be restored. The customer service representative was nice, and did tell me that there was a previous glitch in setting up these monthly payments which he believes has now been corrected. But too late for me, I suppose, now that they have robbed me of good credit . The worst part is, I can't really just go get another loan now, since they have now destroyed my credit. They have taken something very important to me, my good name, and my credit rating.

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  • To
    Tommy Lin Dec 17, 2013

    I through my mortgage broker to apply a mortgage with Nationstar Mortgage which had pre-approved. The property is new contraction which will be ready on end of March of early of April 2014. I received notice from my mortgage borker JJST Corporation at Rowland Hights CA to inform me Nationstar requested to close this application on end of November due to the acquistion on Octorber. I cannot close becuase the house is still under construction. On December 10th 2013, I received a statement of credit denial, termination or change notice from Nationstar to inform me the loan application was denied due to " Insufficient Cash (Down Payment, closing cost, reserves" .

    This is completed wrong statement, I do have enough cash in my bank account but I could not close the case due to the house in still under construction. NationstarMortgage is a unresposbility and unfare company. The company acqire Nationstar should take care of unfinishing case or at least to make a truth statement not a false statement.

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  • Sl
    Slow Burn May 26, 2014

    Read my blog post how Fannie Mae Colluded with NationStar to bum-rush me!

    Please join my campaign. Please Sign My Petition vs. Fannie Mae &
    NationStar Mortgage, LLC . . . I'm on Slow Burn Battling Giants!

    Please Sign My Petition:

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  • Di
    Dianna Britt Jun 22, 2014

    This company is horrible. A bunch if thieves

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  • Da
    dawn casey May 17, 2016

    I agree with all of the complaints listed against Nationstar, they are in fact liars cheaters, dumb-a** abusers. If you are trying to get a loan mod and they tell you you are denied because the "owner" does not participate in doing loan mods. write a letter to the "owner" and ask them what standing they have in your loan, I guarantee you, as it happened to me, that they owner, is not the owner and has no say in modifying or foreclosing on your loan. Nationstar is supposed to be acting on behalf of a true owner, yet not exists, they are committing fraud, mail and wire, illegal collection of unsecured, unowned debt, RICO violations, FDCPA and many others. Take them to court and sue them for illegal collection of your money, they are mere debt collectors and MUST be acting on behalf of a true, legitimate owner, of which they have none. Do not allow them to bully you, do not take what they say as true and/or correct, as they lie all the time, charge unauthorized, illegal fees and then try to foreclose on your home without legal standing. They are the worst abusers I have ever encountered and I am going to sue them for every dime they ever illegally collected from me as well as personal damages to the tune of half a million dollars and treble the amount of my "loan". anyone interested in joining me in my lawsuit please email me at [email protected], thanks for listening. God Bless you all, and we need to take this company down. Let's eat this elephant one bite at a time

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  • Sh
    Shantelle72 Mar 09, 2017

    @dawn casey I'm in on this..they are screwing me over and I'm praying I can do something quick before these ### take my home.

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  • Li
    Linda Saxton Feb 10, 2018

    @dawn casey Have you filed the class action suit? I'm interested .
    [email protected]

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  • Da
    dawn casey Dec 05, 2018

    @Linda Saxton I have not filed a class action lawsuit against Nationstar as I am now dealing with a new back of criminals who after Nationstar, in the servicer position only, using a bogus POA assigned loan to US Bank and other criminal entities who now have me in the last stages of foreclosure and despite paying my inept attorney over $60K I am going to lose, when someone illegally removed all traces of the assignment to BNY Mellon and in its place, put assignments to US Bank, et al and the county clerk aided and abetted this crime and manipulation of land records and I intend to expose her for all she has done wrong in her elected official position as Head county clerk in Morris County NJ if its the last thing i do, so Nationstar, as a servicer only and with NO authority to do so, is assigning thousands of loans to wanna be foreclosure mill, pretender lenders, who, despite all the evidence you provide to contradict the foreclosure mill atty, standing in court for God knows who, the inept judge only wants to know if "I borrowed money" as he assumes I want a free home and not justice at all, so now I am broke, without heat in my beloved home and soon to be facing eviction for my four years of constant researching and fighting and its very sad to me that we have to live like we're in a third world country and the elitist among us just get richer while the hard working middle class gets stepped and stomped upon as a rule of law, so corrupt and evil are these people that worship the almighty dollar and fail to realize that none of them can take it with them and in the end, they will all have to answer to God for living off the backs of their fellow man, with no concern for what they were doing to others and the hurt and harm these evil, greedy pigs, have caused to countless others, we must somehow band together as one and somehow rid the world of the criminal elitist banking cartel, if not for ourselves, then for our children and their children, to do anything less is almost as bad as participating in this criminal, inhumane theft of that which NO one is entitled to and God's word are being cast aside, as we are all entitled to be equals on the great planet of ours, some of them, missed this message entirely and will pay for it, for an eternity, and that is a very long time...I would like to hear anyone else's story or thoughts on how we can bring down the "too big to fail" criminal Banking entities and urge anyone who has something to share to email me at [email protected], as i do not intend to ever give up my battle for justice ...

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  • Br
    Brittanyspacey Jun 13, 2016

    My wife and I have outstanding credit and out of the blue our loan is sold from Bank of America to Nationstar. They treat you like you are a criminal. They refused to accept my payment. Returned it back to me with a foreclosure notice. I have never missed a payment and have only been with these chumps for about three weeks. I filed a complaint with the CEO of Nationstar, the Veterans Administration, Texas Attorney General's office, BBB, and my local Chamber of Commerce. We are refinancing.

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  • Fk
    [email protected]#k Y** Jul 14, 2016

    This company inquired my loan, is their anybody out there going to sue this company just on harassment, I had hail damage and sent the checks to them since they had been a two party check.
    I called and email them for who and where to send these checks a response in the mail came today two months after I sent the first email.
    I was then given a copy of my loan within this package, the legal documents had been shrunk down from a 11.5" to a 3" x 1.5" you would need a magnifying glass to read this.
    With paperwork stating they needed all kinds of copies from all contractors doing any work. At the beginning, 50% time and finish for approval from them. All permits that would be required.
    The damages to the home are under $20, 000.
    I was told normal company wouldn't be asking for any paperwork unless it was structural and over $50, 000.
    This company is the worse I have ever dealt with, is there anyway to put this place out of business?
    Why can they continue to crap on the home owners without any recourse?

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  • Ro
    Ronniev Jul 29, 2016

    We entered in the loan modification process with Nationstar in June of 2011 and now are on the door of foreclosure. This company never had the intention of doing the loan modification on this house. We were given the run around for 1.5 years and now have been forced to let the house go. This company should be shut down!!! Thanks for destroying another family!!!

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  • Ti
    tintala Aug 01, 2016

    We had a mortgage with Nationstar, we finally got a chance to refinance and they called us and begged us to refi with them! Assuring us that they could qualify us! We closed on the 16th. Then the Boulder Co flood happened., They put our loan on hold, no surprise, then they confirmed our house was still standing, good... Then we get a call telling us they can't fund our loan due to some "GLITCHES"!? After Nationstar told us to cancell all of our payments to BOTH of our mortgages, they then told us after they were late, to pay our mortgages... So of course there were late fees, and bounced check fees! They told US to stop payment on the mortgages. then they tell us our loan is NOT funded due to some glitches! Wondering what the heck a consumer can do? Is this a breach of contract?

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  • Sh
    Shantelle72 Mar 09, 2017

    @tintala I'm in a different situation but same issue with them and a breach of contract. They approved my modification, I made my payments then they decided there were other issues they wanted different and voided the contract!!! I did everything I've been asked and they also didn't even give me a fair chance at a HAMP..they tacked on all these fees and didn't extend my loan..only changing the loan about $20

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  • Pa
    Paula Morgan-Goosby Sep 21, 2016

    Nationstar Mortgage is first cousin to Wells Fargo! If not sibling, . Their unfair and questionable practices are far beyond belief. I have an 80/20 loan on one property with them, which after two years, they started charging escrow payments on both loans. When I called them on it, they said that I had two properties and escrow was due on both. I sent them the deed that gave the property description along with both account numbers for the loan(s) it turns out, the original promissory note did not have the correct address on it. In fact, when I googled the address, it was non-existent. I informed them that they had the wrong address, (which should have been caught at closing), I take part responsibility in that however, I sent a copy of the county records which had the legal description along with the correct address. They had the same legal description on the note, but the wrong address. I asked that they make the correction and stop charging me escrow on a 1st and a 2nd mortgage, that it was not legal to do so when it was one property. They said they would straighten it out but never did. The 2nd mortgage was so high that I couldn't pay both which led me to file chapter 11. When the courts got a hold of the records, they managed to make the corrections. However, during the chapter 11, my payments that were made by the trustee put me in an advance payment state. Nationstar sent me a letter stating that my account was paid ahead and if I wanted it to remain that way, to simply do nothing or call if I wanted the extra applied to principle and interest. I did nothing because I was planning to retire and I knew that continuous payments would keep me ahead. Unfortunately when the chapter 11 ended, I called Nationstar and asked when my next payment was due and how much, this was in March of 2016, . The CSR stated that I was not due a payment until September 2016 however, I started receiving mail from Nationstar in June of 2016 stating I was behind on my mortgage. I have court records of every payment that went to them and also kept the letter that stated I was paid ahead. When talking to them, I found that their infamous escrow department had intercepted my advance payments and applied it to my escrow account. That was okay however, over 17, 000.00 was paid in advance, approximately 9, 000.00 went to escrow. That leaves 8, 000 (rounding off) in surplus. I got a letter saying that I only have 3, 100 in surplus. Where is the other 5, 000.00, I asked? I have yet to receive a straight answer. They seem to have created all kinds of fees and charges to avoid the extra 5, 000 and have yet to even refund the 3, 100.00. Their excuse is that they cannot refund surplus when an account is delinquent. However, the account is delinquent because escrow intercepted my payments. I asked if the escrow department would return the funds back to the payment account. I was told no, it would be like taking money from me. I told them that's exactly what they did. They took money from me without my authorization. I have since filed complaints with Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, The Board of Banking and the Attorney General. Nationstar has only responded by saying they are investigating my complaint, which has been so far a two month investigation with no results. My next step is an attorney. I believe that someone in that organization or many someone's is padding their own pockets with my hard earned money. There are practices that are unfair and I also believe illegal within Nationstar. IT should be SHUT DOWN!!! I'm thankful for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, although they cannot act as attorneys, they do investigate the complaints. Look at Wells Fargo, another ploy against the consumer.

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  • Ta
    Tamala Hagedorn Nov 13, 2016

    You've just given me the info I was searching for. Unfortunately, I found this article too late - I already found the answer on another service. So here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the WI DoR ST-12 and and esign them. Just try it you'll love it.

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  • La
    LADYB834 Aug 04, 2017



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  • Da
    dawn casey Dec 26, 2018

    @LADYB834 In response to your complaint post about Nationstar, I noticed that u stated that Fortress Investments owns them, what i find most disconcerting about this is the fact that Fortress also owns NRZ Trust who provides POA's to Nationstar so they can they "convey" loan to US Bank for NRZ Trust, which is what happened in my case after someone removed an assignment of mortgage from my county land file with OUT the required court order and the county clerk, in my opinion is aiding and abetting this land record manipulation and after viewing her file, it appears that all of her own mortgages were either discharged or satisfied within a few years of origination which begs the question, is she being helped by the pretender lenders to allow the illegal removal of pertinent documents from land record files, because if it happened to me, it has happened to countless others. The fact that NRZ and Nationstar are creating false POA's to get the "loan" into the hands of the entity providing the POA speaks to collusion and self-serving illegal activities of which there are thousands in my county alone. They are in 'bed" together and are creating a chain of title that can, nor does legally exist and then file foreclosure complaints against the unsuspecting homeowner, most of whom don't bother to fight the newly placed pretender lender and most of whom never contracted with the newly assigned plaintiff in these foreclosures. If you would like to reach me and discuss our knowledge more extensively, please email me at [email protected] as I am about to lose my home to newly placed, illegal entities as the judge that heard my case is woefully under-educated and inept as the day is long. I hope u are willing to reach out to me as time is of the essence for me to avoid an imminent eviction notice by pretender lenders with no ownership rights and because they removed the only viable assignment to my mortgage does NOT mean they won't seek monetary damages from me in the future something I am unwilling to tolerate or live in fear of. Thanks for sharing, u have opened another avenue of defense for me in my appeal as i smell many rats here and their names are Nationstar Mortgage, aka Mr. Cooper, Fortress Investments and NRZ Trust, all whom are in money making "bed' together.

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  • Bo
    Bobbi Foland Jun 21, 2018

    Most people don't question payoff quotes - they just pay whatever the mortgage company says is due. I've been in the finance/accounting industry my entire adult life - over 60 years, so I do in fact look at the figures for refinancing charges, payoff balances, etc. In this case, I simply sent them a payoff amount of $228, 051.00 eight days after the regularly scheduled payment had been made and processed. Instead of charging me 8 days of interest on the mortgage balance, they charged for 31 days or $527 more than they were entitled to. They also withheld another month of escrow funds, which then left a small $1, 228 balance due, claiming we had failed to request a formal payoff notice. Whether or not we had a payoff quote, or if there was a small remaining balance due, they still were not entitled to 23 days of interest on funds they had in their possession. It's the same as loan sharking!! Further, even if we had had a payoff quote, they make it for 3 - 10 days after your next scheduled payment with the per diem quoted for days exceeding that period - regardless of whether you make the actual payment within days of their quote. LOAN SHARKING. Just imagine how much "free, unearned" interest they are making in this manner. They are a menace to the general public.

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  • Da
    dawn casey Dec 05, 2018

    anyone who wishes to share their story with me and I will do the same, as it has become a nightmare of illegal activity, i urge u to email me at [email protected] and I look forward to sharing our battle stories with anyone that has one and I am sure it is an enormous amount as Nationstar is the worst, most corrupt servicing entity that ever was. thank you in advance for even considering it. Dawn Casey foreclosure warrior...

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  • St
    Steve98 May 13, 2019

    Dear Mr. Cooper,
          I am writing this letter to explain my unfortunate set of circumstances that have caused me to be delinquent, resulting in a sheriff sale of our home and now reside in a redemption period that ends May 2019. 
          I have not been avoiding my responsibilities to pay, and it has been my full intention to pay what I owe, and I am embarrassed that I am even in this avoidable position at this time. 
          The reason I see for Mr. Copper foreclosing on our home was not because of my inability or unwillingness to pay, as payments were continuously being made, but rather due to (robo) communication phone error(s), accounting errors and for assuming my account was paperless. 
           I learned of the foreclosure proceeding by a County Clerk employee in late October of 2017. I immediately called Mr. Copper to resolve, however I was greeted with unpleasantness and with someone demanding monies with no answerability.  My efforts to immediately pay every nickel (close to $11k) I had at that very moment, begging for no more than a few days to pay the balance, and or balloon payments, was refused by this employee. I was brushed along to her colleagues with the same reflection. However, Edreck, the manager of the same department, directed me to speck to Fannie Mae regarding accounting errors, that there was no time for him to help (day before the sheriff sale). 
           Accounting errors were found, payments received in 2017 were not applied, therefore pushing our home into foreclosure. 
           My families only wish is to save our home, we ask you to begin this process of reconciling or unwinding this foreclosure fault, by me offering the solution of immediately paying 11 months of arrearages, and my commit to have automatic withdraw for future payments, and my commitment to resolve the fees associated with the errors, with ALL hopes that you will find this a suitable agreement.

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  • Sw
    Swan J Nov 19, 2019

    Nationstar. Hello. Nationstar. Hey, yea you reading this, come closer. Boo. If I was to tell evetyone to no longer speak on a phone but correspond only by letter from here forward no matter what, how many people would you have to hire? How many people to communicate legal timeframes. How many new attorneys would you need to hire. Would that help you remember my reason for asking for the excessive overpayments charged on this account. I have more suggestions if would like me to go on or call me to discuss returning my money. The way accounting is done is not if its close to that date than thats the payment. Is this a new floating pay system or are your famous 3 pay, no pay, or fraudbearances even real. The loan mods on my account are moving around to. So when you finally put my lost payments back on account please let me know so I can actually see how funds are applied properly on a account.

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  • Te
    Tenaz Dec 07, 2019

    NATIONSTAR AKA MR. Cooper took my loan from CitiMortgage back from September 2016, these assholes supposed to be "Servicers" for FANNIE MAE only. I understand they can assign / transfer only our loans many times as they want remember this key word "Servicing rights Only" They cant sell/assign your loan to a different investor. I catch their lies and deceits when I filed complaints with the LA County Consumer Affairs, I consulted with some Attorneys what is the role of servicer and what is the role of the investor. I found some more evidence in which I will present to the LA County Consumer Affairs and the California Department Business Oversight, in the past they closed my complaints due to Nationstar/Mr. Cooper's misrepresentation of the facts. I will go after them even in my last BK chapter 13 (got dismissed) they presented the proof of Claim as Creditor, They never gave me credit, The one supposed to be at the BK as Creditor supposed to be the Investor/Beneficiary owner of the Note "Fannie Mae". Basically their Attorneys filled a Fraudulent proof of Claim. They don't stop their abuse and greediness for $$.

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