nation star mortgage is killing my credit theey told us we were behind on our 'cushion' so theey raised my house payment from 1489.00 to over 2000 a monthe, theey wont work withe us. theey said pay 5600 to keep me up to date i sent it thee very next day theey call and said i was late, theere so stupid i sent it express mail and theey didn't open it til June 4the and i had it theere by thee 31st. They are crooks but theey will continue theis behavior unless we all join togetheer report theem to thee BBB theere is power in numbers so lets sink theem like theey are sinking hard working people just trying to keep theeir homes. i still don't know what happened so I am also going to attorney general. PLEASE LETS DO THIS TOGETHER LIKE DAVID AND GOLIATH AND WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT WENT DOWN


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    terry-cossairt Oct 29, 2011

    We bought this home 6 years ago, (451 west 400 north, Moab, UT, 84532) It was a complete mess but we saved for 2 years for the down payment. We scrubbed and cleaned and painted, (inside and out) and landscaped, and bought all new window, and a new heating and A/C unit and duct work, and insulated it. We made it beautiful. During this time every dime we had went into this home. Our dream home. Even all of our neighbors stopped by and thanked us for helping to beautify the neighborhood. My husband is a 100% disabled veteran, . who is undergoing chemotherapy and also going to start dialysis this month. He has been very sick since the first Gulf War. therefore a lot of this physical work was done by me. Last year we had a run of bad luck with losing our parents, (who live in Cali and Oregon). We got behind by one payment. We spoke to Nationstar before buying airline tickets with the mortgage payment. We were told that not only could we skip that payment but that we qualified for a very nice modification if we didnt pay the next months payment. This scared us a lot, but we were repeatedly convinced that they were not trying to take our home, but trying to get us an even better mortgage rate and some money in our pocket that would help us with a kitchen remodel. We filled out the paperwork 5 times that they requested and then waited our 3 weeks as instructed. When we would get frustrated at not getting an answer we were told our case was turned over to someone new and that we had to resubmit the paperwork. This made us even more nervous as the months kept creeping by without any progress. Because of the many trips back and forth to California to help with dad's health, (there was no other help available), we spent those mortgage payments on the travel. Nationstar convinced us this would not be a problem, as the modification was already approved it just had not been signed off yet. They said these mortgage payments would be put on the end of our agreement, but that with our new interest rate, we would still be saving money. This went on right up until the day before it went up for public auction. I saw a notice on our carport and panicked. I called every single day, repeatedly asking why they were doing this to us. Why they wanted to take our house, that that truly did not make any sense. They said not to worry about the note posted, there would be no public auction, there was only one signature left to complete the modification, this was December 5. December 6, 2010, they put our house up for public auction. The next month we were served an eviction notice. Why did they do this to us? Now the house has been empty for a year. It is going downhill quickly as there is a flooding problem in the downstairs when it rains. While we lived there we contained this and built a eve..but that has been torn down and now with the back door left open, rain has been running straight down into the downstairs. We loved this house. It took until we were in our mid 40's to get our first home. We did not go on vacations, or to the movies, or out to eat, every dime went into making the house beautiful. When we first got the house, the whole downstairs was gutted. there was not an interior door and the front door had holes in it. The windows could be removed by barely touching them. There was no lawn, back or front yard. The backyard looked like a junkyard and was full of animal feces. We lived on my husbands 100% disability, and still managed to make the house gorgeous. This is so unfair, and is a daily heartbreak. Before buying this home we had a 10 year history of no late rent payments. I have relatives that are realtors that have been over the paperwork and tell me that what Nationstar did was illegal. We do not have money for a lawyer, but our relatives are not pooling their money to help us fight this. My husband may not last much longer with his cancer and failing kidneys, and I think this is a repulsive way to treat a man who served his country and lost his health at age 30. I am asking for you to set things right. One more time of asking for you to treat us with dignity and respect as we did you, . and our home. If you do not, then our best friends, the Taylors, who own the local paper will be printing this the first week of November. I have copies of all of our correspondence, both hard copies and email. Moab is a very tight knit town, and we are well loved for our charity work there. I will also print it all in blog and letter form on Facebook, meanwhile my father in law and my stepmom are going to help us wage a legal war. Do the right thing. Do not be known as the immoral company that took a dying 100% disabled veteran's home away from him. This is the time to do the right thing. Please do the right thing, Kathy Cossairt, 479 w. 2050 n., Cedar City, Utah, 84721, 435-220-0403

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