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Nation star is not a reputable company. When you call their operator service sends you from one department to another. Everyone gives you their extension but try to use it. No where on their remote system can you give or input an extension. Try to reach their research department, that is an impossible task. Everyday nation star changes who is in charge of your account. Everyone needs to get together and start a class action against nation star and their tactics. Their accounting system can be done by a second grader, or maybe that is who does do their accounting system. Nation star is a slam company. They are not legitimate and should be taken to court with their managers thrown in prison just like enron. Nation star is no better than enron. They are thieves.


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    debsfurious! Sep 20, 2013

    Nationstar has such poor customer service it's surprising they're still in business. The website didn't acknowledge my online payment. I waited a few minutes and rechecked pending payments... still nothing . So, thinking I had not entered the transaction correctly I entered it again. Still nothing. A week later my bank tells me I'm overdrawn from a double mortgage payment. When I went to the website there was NO payment even listed! Then the fun of trying to get a hold of someone in the company. Three phone calls and twelve hours later, the customer service rep assured me that the funds would be back in my bank account within 2-3 days. When I asked why so long for an electronic funds transfer he told me it wouldn't have been had I talked to them sooner!!! A full week later I had to call again. (by the way, they're phone tree is 3 minutes and 45 seconds long until you get the right option) The rep then tells me that a check was MAILED and "what do you expect me to do about it". I got transferred around and the "supervisor" who finally came on the phone told me "it's very difficult to do an electronic transfer". Meanwhile, TD Bank very graciously refunded all of my overdraft fees except for the initial $140. Today I received a call from their corporate customer service rep. She said that there was no fault with Nationstar and it was ALL my fault. They should've saved the call, they only made a bad situation worse. I'm actively seeking a refinance in order to get away from this company. Horrid customer treatment.

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