National Tire and Batterythey caused my accident


In May of 2008 I brought my 1999 Mazda 626 to National Tire and Battery (who is affiliated with TBC Corporation) to have front left and right axles replaced as well as the front right wheel bearing replaced. In June of 2008 I noticed a humming noise coming from somewhere in the front end of my car. After taking the vehicle to be looked at, the mechanic told me that my wheel bearing needed replaced. Since I just had it replaced a month prior at National Tire and Battery I took it back to them to have it looked at. They agreed that the bearing had already become faulty and they replaced it for free. The following day when I picked the vehicle up I drove out of the parking lot and still heard the same noise so I took it back to the shop to inform them of the issue. This time they told me that they had to replace the bearing again, as well as order a “hop” (which I now believe to be a “hub”) assembly. They told me to bring my vehicle back on the following Monday to have this work done.

On the way home my car entered a skid on the interstate and caused me to crash into the median dividers. After speaking with a mechanic I was informed that it was very possible that they wheel bearing was not packed correctly and it had locked up my front right wheel, causing the accident. I informed National Tire and Battery’s Corporate office of this via email. I was called the following day by Dave Zolnowski and told that they had turned over the issue to their insurance company Gallagher Bassett. Gallagher Bassett eventually sent out an appraiser to look at my vehicle. After waiting for a week, I was finally able to get in touch with Anita (an insurance adjuster for Gallagher Bassett). She informed me that the appraiser’s opinion is that the work done on my car by National Tire and Battery had nothing to do with my accident. I was not surprised because insurance companies are infamous for wrongly denying claims.

I contacted National Tire and Battery Headquarters again to inform them of the decision made by their insurance company and express my displeasure with the decision. I was then contacted within an hour of sending the email by the District Manager of National Tire and Battery who only referred to himself as Tim. He told me to an auto body shop come to do an estimate on my vehicle. So I thought great, they obviously know that they’re employees were negligent in sending me home with a car that they knew was not safe to drive. After getting the estimate and having it faxed over to Tim I was contacted by him the following Monday and told that they were standing behind their insurance company and not admitting any responsibility in the accident. Therefore, National Tire and Battery and Gallagher Bassett had wasted 3 weeks of my time, caused me to miss work to meet with their insurance appraiser and the local auto body shop to get estimates done, and I am still left without a vehicle. I hope that you consider this story before deciding to do business with National Tire and Battery. They obviously are not willing to admit fault when they are wrong, and fix their mistakes. I would suspect that I am not the only consumer who has fallen prey to this company either.


  • Ri
    rick Aug 03, 2008

    Has anyone ever determined the accident was the result of negligence or wrongdoing on the part of NTB?
    If there is a product liability issue with the hub assembly installed, like if it seized up and caused the accident, you need to deal with the parts supplier or the manufacturer of the hub assembly.

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  • So
    Souther Hospitality Jul 14, 2017

    @rick The odds of 2 new bearings not functioning is highly unlikely. It was more then likely the technician doesn't know what he's doing and didn't pack bearing grease in prior to installing it on the vehicle. It was the tecs fault for the accident and should have lost his job. Sadly I'm sure he didn't and ntb never payed a dime to fix the car they totaled.

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  • Mr
    MrsDoberstein Jan 11, 2010

    NTB is a completely incomptent outfit, and I'm not surprised its mechanics screwed up your car. I had tires put on at the Mundelein, Illinois NTB in December, 2009. A month later I had to return because the tire rims weren't properly sealed (I don't know why -- NTB's "Tires guaranteed put on in an hour" salespitch was a lie -- it took them 2.5 hours to get my tires on, and I had an appointment, so why weren't they put on properly? It's not like they didn't have enough time. Furthermore, I asked them to check the rims when I went in.) After 2.5 hours waiting without hearing from anyone what was going on concerning the rim repair, I was told by the manager that "Someone should be able to look at your car in 45 minutes." I'd been sitting there for 2.5 hours (they must love making people wait that amount of time) and no one had even looked at my car. At 12:30 I was finished, but the guy checking me out said the mechanic had found a bad wheel bearing and they could "Get you in and out in two hours." I agreed to the repair...and thus began my nightmare of having NTB break not only the spot where the wheel bearing was supposed to fit because the mechanic tried to force it in, but having them further break the entire assembly! This "two hour job" transformed into a FIVE DAY JOB, THROUGH ALL OF WHICH I DIDN'T HAVE A CAR! NTB didn't charge me for the "extra" work and parts, but the fact is that I'm out $240.00 for the privilege of having NTB almost destroy my car, not to mention how they robbed me of transportation for 5 days. Additonally, while I was originally waiting for my car to be fixed -- I spent 9.0 hours at NTB all told on Wednesday while the massacre was being committed -- two other people came in with complaints about shoddy workmanship at that NTB location. These people are horrible, with no idea how to do proper auto work. They should be closed down completely. STAY AWAY FROM NTB AT ALL COSTS -- YOU'LL BE RISKING YOUR LIFE AND YOUR SANITY IF YOU GO TO THEM!

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  • Oa
    Oakersone Jun 25, 2010

    After 30 years of trading with NTB I'm finding another shop. At 120, 000 miles NTB suggested it was time for new struts and shocks. Less then 12 months and 6, 000 miles they now tell me the shocks and one strut is defective and they must be replaced. I suspect that NTB deliberately purchases the cheapest replacement parts and tires knowing that you will either trade you car before the replacement fails, or you will pay them to replace the defected parts. This is similar to the tires I put on my daughters car. One tire failed (sidewall defect) after 3, 000 miles, they charged me $80.00 to replace the defective tire. It was explained as pro-rated tire wear, new balancing, installation, and repair warranty.

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  • Yd
    Ydaplussix Apr 11, 2011

    Although I did not have NTB do the repairs on my front end I did have them check on an issue that I had. NTB charged me almost $20 to inspect my vehicle and give me an estimate of almost $900 worth of repairs. I wasn't able to get the repairs that were needed, so I told them that I would have to leave. When I got into my vehicle I noticed that my check engine light was on. I told the in store manager who told me that it would go off after a while, so I left. After I left the shop I inspected the estimate to see what they were trying to charge me so much for. I have a back ground in auto mechanics so I can usually find good prices on parts, most of the parts that they said I needed I was able to find for a third of the price. While I was dealing with NTB my husband had called an old friend who is a mechanic to see if he would look at it he said he would. The six parts that we needed for our vehicle at my parts supplier cost us $245 but the parts quote from NTB was $625. That same day we took our vehicle to a second mechanic to find out that we didn't even need some of the parts and they missed some important things that were in need of repair. The second mechanic said that he could do the work, that it would take 3-4 hours to do the work needed where as NTB said that the work I needed done would take them 12 hours possibly more. Working with cars as long as I have been I know quite a bit about them and I knew that the work would only take about 3 hours. We also asked the second mechanic about the check engine light that had come on after NTB looked at it but he was unable to use his scanner to check it because of a wiring issue in the vehicle, so we said we would work on it later. When we returned home my husband and I popped the hood to see if we could find anything and we did. The mechanic at NTB hadn't plugged the O2 sensor in after he had checked my filter. The negligent employee and the extreme charges what a joke they are. We took our vehicle to the NTB in Watertown WI and we will never return I would also recommend you to find someone else for your repairs for your families safety.

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  • Ja
    Jaks1857 Nov 15, 2011

    I took my car in to have the tires rotated at the store in Pearland Texas (where I bought the tires) and asked them to please check if my car was in need of an alignment as it has been a year since the last one and I put alot of miles on my car every day. I left my car on Saturday afternoon around 4:30 and told them I would like to leave it overnight and pick it up the next day around 4 pm. This would give them plenty of time to complete what needs done and I didn't need the car that night anyway. I go in to pick up my car the next day and said well it must not have needed an alignment as no one called to say it did. I was told then that they forgot to check. I was not terribly happy with that answer but left it at that as now I needed my car and decided I would simply drop it off again in a couple of weeks. It wasn't until they next day that I had a sneaky suspicion that my tires had not even been rotated. I was missing a dust cap on the front passenger tire (the only one missing out of the four) and guess what, that same tire was still missing the dust cap! Then I looked at the weights and could tell they had not been removed and re-done on any tire. My wheels were dirty so it would've been very noticeable to see the clean area left when moving the weights. I called NTB about my suspicions and spoke to a manager who listened patiently and said he would check into it and call me back. It's been a week and I've heard nothing. This has only made me angry and now I will start calling every day until I get some type of response. If that fails, I will show up in the store and complain loudly until someone admits their negligence. Very poor customer service!

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  • Ab
    Abbas Hamideh Dec 04, 2011

    I ordered tires yesterday afternoon from my local NTB store location and they told me to come in the following day for install. Upon arrival the desk person checking me in the computer system told me that there was no order put in by the employee for tires and there were no tires in the store for my vehicle. Instead of being courteous the desk person kept telling me if I was sure it was for today… I repeatedly explained that I had scheduled an appointment for new tires and that the employee from yesterday said they would have my tires in today. He kept tapping his keyboard and ignoring me for some strange reasons without giving me an alternative or contacting yesterdays employee for verification and simply said he was off. I wasted my entire morning for absolutely nothing to an unprofessional company (NTB). I will never consider doing business with such an incompetent company and will contact HQ about this absurd experience… NTB is highly NOT recommended!

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  • Je
    Jeneiro Mar 30, 2012

    On 11/05/11 I had NTB # 583 swap summer tires Dunlop 235/45 r17 on my Subaru Impreza 2011 for all season Nokian tires. Before I came to the NTB shop I didn’t have tire sensor indicator on for about 3 weeks. Everything looked normal. Having taken old tires from the rims the technician claimed that at least one pressure sensor was broken. Store manager Omar H. made me sign a statement that I am aware that TPMS monitors were already broken despite the fact that there were no indication of it.

    After installation of new tires is done and having driven a car for about a minute the tire pressure indicator went on and permanently remains on. I drove back to the shop and complained that the light wasn’t on when I came to the shop. Omar rejected any wrongdoing on the shop side and refused to fix. Also I consider it more important for safety to have winter compatible tires at this time than working tire pressure sensor, the whole situation is embarrassing: before I brought the car to this shop I had summer tires with a proof (around 3 weeks ago) of working pressure sensors. After the tire replacement I have (at least one) broken sensor and light indicator permanently on on my new car. This made me really unhappy.

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  • An
    Andie M. May 02, 2012

    5/2/2012 I took my car in for oil change and the manager (Freddy) kept my car there for 2 hrs. He told me my tires need to be rotated and I have to pay 145 for alignment. I told him I don't want anything except oil change. Long story short after I paid for the oil change he gave me the list of things I need to do to fix my car and it will cost me almost 8000. On the way home I realized my car is pulling to the left which did not happen before I took it in for oil change... My husband called Freddy to complain and he said because I had bad tires and that's why it pulls to the left after rotate...which I did not want to have it done. At the end manager Freddy said bring the car in and he will fix it...Anyone lives around hwy 6 sugar land tx...please be extra careful when you take your car to NTB on hwy6 near Ihop and HEB.. If we can't talk/communicate/trust the manager who only wants to sell/get customer money how can we trust the whole team to take a good care of our vehicles... Absolutely not recommend NTB at all

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  • Ma
    MAVANN Jun 18, 2012


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  • Nt
    ntb mundelein Feb 05, 2013

    Went in for an oil change on 2/5/13. Had the oil changed along with new wiper blades. 30 minutes later the store manager (AL) gives me a quote for $1, 818.65 in suggested repairs. I told him my car runs just fine and to just do the oil change and new wiper blades. 20 minutes later they were finished and I paid the $78.00 bill. 30 minutes later after arriving home I noticed the check engine light was on. This is the first time in 5 years I have ever seen this light come on. I called NTB and explained to them the situation. Jose the manager said for a fee of $109.00 they can take a look at the problem. I said no thanks and took it to a local mechanic at Best Care Care in Mundelein. When I arrived at Best Car Care in Mundelein I explained the situation to the owner. He walked out to my car popped the hood and noticed a hose was disconnected from the engine. He then proceeded to plug it back in place and told me that hose should have never been disconnected.

    He then told me that numerous customers were having similiar problems coming from NTB. Apparently NTB sabotaged my car in order to drum up more money from me.

    I filed a complaint with the corporate office for NTB.

    I feel disgusted and enraged that NTB sabotaged my car in order to make additional money from me.

    The fact is my car was perfect before going to NTB. They disconnected one of my hoses to the engine causing the check engine light to come on in an effort to collect more money from me. for additional repair work.

    What a shady, unethical business they run there. I hope they get shut down.

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  • Ca
    Cabbage7 Apr 03, 2013

    I think NTB shop in Waldorf, Maryland is a VERY SHABBER repair shop. I took my car in there in March 2012 for a front end alignment because I had just purchased some tires from COSTCO and I new I needed front-end alignment because my tire on the drivers side was wearing out on the outside and I new I new toe-out performed. Upon NTB performing the front end alignment and upon paying. The rep asked me if I would like to purchase the 3-year Alignment Plan which I did. Several months later I had my mechanic replace the shocks and stablizer bar. After this work was performed by my mechanic, I needed a re-alignment so I took my car to NTB on Central Avenue in Capital Heights, Md and the mechanic stated I needed the outer tie-rod replace on passenger side. I did not have the work perform so I went to the NTB in Waldorf. Md where I initially purchase the 3-year front-end alignment warranty and they stated I needed an outer-tie rod on the drivers side and inner-tie rod on the passenger side. As I went to two different NTB shops and was giving two different answers. So I took my car back to my mechanic and he stated that there was very little play in my wheel on the drivers side and that I will need that outer-tie rod replaced but no inner-tie rods but he recommended that if I replace the outte ahead and replae the inner. My mechanic showed me you can check whether your tie-rods are bad by putting you hands at 3 & 9 o'clock on the wheel and check to see if you have any play in the tire (there was just a tab of play in the movement), so I had my mechanic replace the outer and inner tie-rods on the drivers side. I took my car back to the NTB in Waldorf, Md and they performed the front-end alignment on my vehicle. I ask the customer rep (manger of the store) that took my order upon completion where was the print-out for the alignment before and after results. He stated to me that the alignment machine print-out machine was broke. Please get your print-out from your alignment that tells one the results of work the performed. The mechanics at NTB works on commission so when you bring your vehincle back in there for additional alignment they do not make any money, so they will try to tell you you need other work performed. The only reason I truly think they sell the maintenance plans are to get you to come back in for alignment and then tell you you need additional work performed on your car.

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  • Na
    native girl Apr 18, 2014

    In March 2014, I took my car to NTB in BOWIE Maryland, because the car would not start. The car is a manual transmission, so I was able to "pop" the clutch to start the car to drive it to NTB. Up until this point, my car had run awesomely for years, with no major repair, outside of oil and brake changes. Once there, I was informed that the car needed a new Starter. The estimated the cost to be $998.00 and would take 6 hours. Two days later, I had a friend take me to NTB to check on my car. When I arrived, my car was still in the air and the desk manager looked very surprised to see me. He asked why I was there, since no one called, and I told him that I had been waiting for two days for them to fix a starter that should have taken 6 hours. He said that they were just about done and was going to take in on a test drive. I waited for 40 minutes, and the mechanic still hadn't returned from his test drive. I asked the manager to call the mechanic to find out where he was and if there were any problems. He said everything was fine and that I could pick it up tomorrow. On the third day, I returned to pick up my car, and they told me that I had a vacuum leak from a torn ring, and wanted an additional $1100.00 to fix it. They said the ring had been torn before it arrived at their shop. When I refused the repair and questioned them about the torn ring and how the ring became torn, and why no one told me the day before or any of the last three days, they became very defensive and wouldn't release my car. It was obviously a cover-up for something. I asked if the car was driveable. The manager said it was driveable, and then released the car me. Moments later, I was driving down the Highway, going home, at 70mph with three other cars behind me, and the car cut-off! The engine just died! The cars behind me slammed on their brakes to stop and swerved to miss hitting and killing me, but then they hit the cars in the other lane. Luckily, the people in the accident helped push my car off the road, and the next day I had it towed back to NTB. When I arrived, and told the manager what had happened, he taunted me and said, "I told you not to take it, but we didn't cause this. It must have been some problem that the car had before it came in". They denied any responsibility. Then NTB refused to fix the car, and asked me to have it towed someplace else. I took it to another shop, who discovered that the air intake hose had been cut and taped back together, and that the manifold had been re-assembled incorrectly and had crushed another return line hose. Basically, the car choked on too much air, and cut off. All of these things were right next to or connected to the starter, that I had asked NTB to replace. I took pictures, and took them back to NTB. The store manager asked me to never bring my car back to his shop, and refunded the money that I paid NTB on the condition that I would never return to his shop again. Unfortunately that is not good enough, because now its costing me $1250.00 more dollars to fix the items that NTB erroneously destroyed, and the damage caused to the other engine parts when the car just cut-off and the engine died. NTB should be held responsible for this, but the store manager is now refusing to come out of his office to see me or return my calls.
    Avoid NTB!

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  • Ma
    Mary Herndon Aug 15, 2014

    On August 2 I took my car in for an oil change and asked them to check my back brakes. I had made this appointment online for 2:00 p.m.. I arrived early and told them why I was there. This is the NTB in Humble Texas. My car was running fine I just knew it was time for an oil change. I am on a fixed income and I told them this. They had my car in back for 2 hours and then came and got me from waiting room to show me a calculated bill for 390.00 this was for brakes and oil change. I told them I could not afford this to just do oil change. So they had my car back there for another hour and a half and then charged me for an oil change and I left. Then on Monday I had a appointment in Humble and on the way back my car started clattering like it had no oil. I came home and called them and they said bring it back, so I did. After over an hour they came got me to walk under my car and show me what they said was oil leaking from somewhere under my car. I put my finger in oil and it was burnt black old oil. He showed me a dirty oil filter where the oil filter goes on and told me my car must have been overlooked and that they never changed my oil and they never would have because of the clatter. I said it wasn't clattering when I came in here now it is. Either way I feel they broke my car, if they had changed it it would not be clattering, but I believe they did and did something to it. Now I am out a car, but they did refund my money for my oil change. I believe someone at NTB owes me a car or a motor.

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  • Mr
    Mr Brad Mar 26, 2015

    I experienced one of the worst auto repair visits ever when I recently went to the Natick NTB location and was there after work to have a year old tire, (which I had spent over thousand dollars on the purchase and installation) due to a very slow air pressure leak from both of my front two tires. As I walked in ten minutes early for my appointment I was greeted by the manager and he asked if I had been there before I told him I had not to this location but I had been to the Waltham location previously and when he could not locate my appointment he started to insist that I did not have an appointment and became quickly upset demanding I call back another day with and appointment. As I was about to leave I asked him to check if the appointment was made under my home phone number instead of my cell phone number which it was then he seemed to become bit less annoyed with me and then informed me that they were running between and hour and half to two hours behind on appointments and that I could reschedule, (normally I would but my tire deflation issue was becoming more and more frequent to I offered to wait extra time). As the first two and half hours went by I started to grow more and more concerned that my "minor tire issue was being put on the backburner since I saw new folks coming in after me and leaving before me and when I asked the same manager about not seeing my vehicle even being brought into garage yet and he mumbled that they were going as fast as they could and that my vehicle was next in line. Granted I had bought four brand new Pirelli tires the year before and had purchased the Road Hazard coverage and was told I would not be charged for the tire fix issue I also was made to feel like since you are not paying anything today you are at the bottom of the priority list. Well after almost 2 more hours of waiting I was informed that both tires were fixed and I was good to leave but the manager wanted to inform me that one of the passenger side wheel lugs had gotten snapped off and that I should bring it back sometime to get it repair for free, (which although it was a hassle to make another visit I accepted it for what it was an accident. However the main issue with the tires deflating was never fixed as evidenced by the very next morning on my way to work when I noticed my drivers side tire was almost completely flat which required me to put on my spare tire and made me hour half late for work. After work I stopped into my local Midas and I explained my situation with the tire and without and appointment they removed that tire and checked it for leaks and I was brought into the garage and was shown the tire under water which had about dozen small bubbles escaping from the same area near the rim of the tire where NTB had mounted four heavy lead weights during tire balancing and when he took the tire from the rim they showed me that there was no evidence that any anti-leak sealant or repairs had been even made to tire. Midas offered to have the tire leak repaired for 35 dollars which they did and I have not had one issue with the tire over past few weeks. I have decided that I will never return to the Natick location again and maybe do same for NTB all together.

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  • He
    HELEN43 Jan 18, 2016

    After reading some of the shoddy workmanship performed by NTB mechanics and management, I am not shocked. I just wish I had known this prior to taking my car to them. On November 16, 2015, I took my SUV (Buick Rainier) to them because the temperature gauge was not working in my Instrument Cluster Panel. The manager, George Barlock, Jr. (336) 221-9700, 2448 S Church St., in Burlington, NC said I needed to replace the Instrument Cluster. I (myself) thought that it was some sort of sensor or fuse that needed to be replace. All of the other gauges on instrument panel worked just fine. The Instrument cluster cost me $476.01. The total cost was $669.00. The mechanic that worked on my car was Craig Van Riper. I am not faulting him for anything. The PROBLEM is that the Odometer mileage is incorrect and IT needs to be re-set. Mr. Barlock assured me that the manufacture would re-set the Odometer to the correct mileage OR THAT HE WOULD FIX MY OLD INSTRUMENT CLUSTER PANEL AND RE-INSTALL IN MY SUV.. This has NEVER HAPPENED. I have called Mr. Barlock once or week and sometimes twice a week about the problem. I must say though, Mr. Barlock is always courteous and polite, BUT he is a lier. I am tired of calling him and getting the same response. Guote: "Let me call the manufacture and I will call you right back." Well as of today, January 17, 2016, he has never called me back. I have decided to take my SUV back to him and get my old Instrument Cluster Panel back and take my SUV to the Buick shop. Should I sell my SUV the State requires that the Odometer reading be correct. I wish I had read the negative comments about the workmanship at NTB (previously Merchants Tire) and I would have taken my SUV to someone else. It have been over 2 months and I am still paying for an Instrument Cluster that needs the Odometer reading re-set. I WILL NEVER, EVER TAKE ANY OF MY VEHICLES TO NTB AGAIN AND I WILL TELL MY FRIENDS THE SAME THING AND I INTEND TO REPORT THIS TO THE BBB AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS IN NORTH CAROLINA.

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  • Ti
    Tissote23 Jun 03, 2016

    I went to NTB on 1/16/10 for an oil change.For the third consecutive time they put 5/30 weight oil in my vehicle.This vehicle calls for 10/40 weight oil.they put the same 5/30 weight oil in my 2001 Lincoln Townar, which calls for 50 weight oil.This seems to be their practice to put lighter - less expensive oil in their customer's vehicles.As usual they reccomended additional service.This time it was A loose belt on the power steering pump, which I declined.When I started the car the next morning it was smoking and leaking power steering fluid.When I checked under the hood I discovered that the top of the pump was broken and it's contents had broken off inside of the pump and clogged up the regular flow of fluid.When I went back and complained about this and other incidents of poor/fraudulent service the manager told me to leave and take my complaint to corprate.I refused to leave until he checked out my complaint.During this process he continued to be rude and threatning.At one point he had the mechanic, who worked on my car, get in my face telling me how he did not take the cap off and how he did not apreciate me calling him A lie.I never called him A liar, I simply stated that someone did.I felt very threatend and and I felt this was extremely unprofessional.The manager kept telling me how simple this problem was and apologizing for A prior incident.However simple he might have thought it was, it was not simple to me at all.This vehicle is A vintage 1976-MonteCarlo - mint condition -with only 32, 600 miles.It's not simple when all I wanted was an oil change.So I left feeling threatend, cheated, disrespected and very unsatisfied!Before I could get home, the manager had called. When I returned his call he informed me that he would get me A new pump, however I would have to take it some place else to have it installed.And that since I was not satisfied with their service to take all my vehicles(four)someplace else.That was rude and very unprofessional.After ruining A vintage automoble, I did not need him to tell me to take my buisness else where.I need national tire & battery to replace the 5/30 with with the factory required oil.I need National Tire & Battery to pay for the installation of the new pump.I need National Tire & Battery at 4453 Southwest Highway to stop deceptive & fraudelent practices.A prior incident I referred to earlier was-I went their for warrentee work.When the work was completed the mechanic returned my van keys to me, however the staff never called me to the counter to check out, so after about fifteen minutes I left, since the work was warrenteed and I didn't owe any money.This was around 10:00am..Later that evening about 5:00p.m. this same manager called my home and told me that my vehicle was ready to pick up.The call woke me up so I just said ok.Ten minutes later he called me back and said that I needed new shocks all around the vehicle.The problem with this was that only one month prior I had this very same location install all new shocks, springs and all ball joints, at A cost of over 1, 000.00 dollars.His explanation that his reccomondation was based on milage was totally unacceptable because my van had to be on A lift to do the work(which I think was a wheel alignment)so the shocks would have been visable to the mechanic.Second-he never inspected my vehicle that morning becaused I watched the mechanic work through the window in the waiting room and he never aproached my vehicle!Third-I feel that if if he were going by milage and looking at his computer he would have seen that they had installed new shocks just one month prior.He had to be looking at the computer because my vehicle was no longer there. Obviously he never inspected my vehicle. This leads me to think his intent was to mislead and defraud me. This constitutes FRAUD!

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  • Ia
    iamdonna Feb 25, 2017

    I had the same experience with the free inspection I went in for.. I spun out, right in front of the police when I came out of the store on 280. The Police did not say a word. They just stop you late at night to get you out of the car on a dui suspicion! I went into the Oxmoor Rd. store and paid, $100 for a alignment. I got no paperwork, receipt. Instead the person waiting on us, held our car until last and tried to send my son home without me in the car. When I waited by the register; he chaged me $100 for no repairs, gave me no change or paperwork.. When I reported it to Tim the so -called District Mgr. He tried to charge me again!
    I believe the mechanics also later broke into my house and stole our spares; when we refused to buy new tires, because we had them. They also stole my Son's checkbook and other documents from the glove box. They damaged a light and pulled wires out from under the dash to cause problems with the lights.

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  • Ia
    iamdonna Feb 25, 2017

    Then I went to the Goodyear store for an alignment on referral from the dealer and in support of a store patron.
    They charged my Son for doing nothing. When I called back about it . He said it was an inspection fee, even though the service was supposed to be free!? I asked him why would he send someone out with a car swerving all over the road like that? They told my son he can come back with more money again than the quoted price to complete the deal? EXTORTION!!!

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