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I received a scam notification concerning a sweepstakes I haha won that is sponsored exclusively by National Magazine Exchange. Prize to be awarded as 30 annual installments of $70, 000.00 or a lump sum payment of $1, 100, 000.00.

My ID# is [protected] but I came to this site to check it out first. They even had the disclaimer down "There is no purchase required to enter or win and a purchase will not improve your chances of winning." And my contact date is by January 22, 2009.


  • Sm
    Smith Feb 19, 2009

    I just received the same crap in the mail... My ID# is 778408424... I always have to check up online for this kind of stuff because I know there are a lot of snakes out there trying to scam innocent people.

    I don't even know how it's a scam or anything but I just know that no one is about to give me $2 million dollars for a sweepstakes that I never entered!

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  • To
    Todd Crowner Apr 03, 2018

    @Smith Touche cuz I've done the same thing that I don't deserve so I know where you're coming from

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  • Mi
    Michael Feb 20, 2009

    I got the same mailer telling me I potentially had won $2, 100, 00.00. What losers trying to scam people. My ID # 778744569, there is no way I am going to call 1-800-207-8171 that is listed on this official prize listing.

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  • Be
    beastlee Mar 05, 2009

    Dude these guys are nothing but scam artists. Tried selling me magazines and watches on per week fee. I kept saying no, I better not get any charges.

    If they don't award anyone 2, 100, 000 million dollars, it is fraud because they said it was a sweepstakes. Someone has to win.

    I hope someone gets all their money then they go out of business. Those conniving ###.

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  • An
    annoyed1 Mar 12, 2009

    I have been receiving the exact same thing...only they keep changing the date. I was close to calling but decided to look it up first rather than waste my time or money on a bogus phone call! Yea I potentially won 2, 100, 000, 00 too...if thats the case come to my door with a damn check for the amount! HAHA

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  • Ph
    physco219 Mar 31, 2009

    Received: March 31, 2009
    $2, 100, 000 prize ID#784762239 April 9, 2009

    fine print:

    $1, 100, 000 lump sum or $70, 000 a yr for 30 yrs
    drawing on or about 2/17/2010
    Sponsor: Agora Marketing Solutions, Inc. DBA (doing business as) National Magazine Exchange, 8285 Bryan Dairy Rd. Ste 150, Largo, FL 33777

    For a winner's list (90 days after drawing) send self addressed stamped envie by the end date listed above for prize to NME Sweepstakes Winner's List, PO Box 9299, Medford, NY 11763-9299

    If you want to be removed from mailing list call: 1-800-690-3623
    Privacy policy:

    Upon looking up Agora, I found this address and phone number:

    Agora Marketing Solutions, Inc.
    16120 US Hwy 19 North
    Clearwater, FL 33764
    Main Number: (727) 524-3600
    (If you want to fax their excetive office you can here: 727-536-7780)

    Looking further they have a reported 11 offices through out the USA in order to circumvent differing laws regarding sweepstakes and mail requirements. It also seems that they have yet to find a winner for any prize which qualifies for it through all the legal hoops one would have to jump through to be awarded anything. Upon looking up the address Bryan Dairy Rd, at the present time according to the USPS there is no such address, although there is a forwarding in their system that redirects mail to a different address, also on Bryan Dairy Rd. The Medford PO box is forwarded to another Po Box in Florida, in which is forwarded to another address in Clearwater, FL.

    Finding these things I also found: and if you click the privacy tab you'll find the only way to remove yourself from their lists is via email at [email protected] and yeah I bet they won't add you to their spam lists accordingly. There is also much much more out on the web about this company and how they do business. I too have been being called by these people saying that the credit card number I provided is incorrect and because of privacy concerns they can not tell me what card I used and all that so they would like me to give them the number again and try re billing it. Yeah sure you do. The caller id always has no number attached to it, the people give out bogus names and or phone numbers. In close don't give this notice a second look, recycle it in you paper recycle bins, and if they call you, challenge them, hassle them and phone back the head office and see what they say. Good luck scammers, you haven't pulled the wool over my eyes and I hope this article will allow someone else to see the light of day that your trying to hide.


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  • Mi
    MISUNDERSTOOD REP Jun 14, 2009

    I just read all of your comments on this company and I find you guys to be misleading others with all your negativity. GRANTED there are alot of company's out there scaming people I kow I was one of the ones who got scamed by the offical looking check things. However eveything in life that offers you a possibilty is not a scam.

    If you're goin to rant and rave about something get your facts straight. PHYSCO219 some of the things you stated are correct like the addresses. Companies can move and if you ever moved you know that mail forwarding can kinda consuming and a pAIn in the butt. That's for you house hold imagine a company that, mails all over the country. So what a company has different sweepstakes for different states abiding by that states guidlines. Is it a crime to be able to provide everyone with the chance to win some money that you really could use. Y knock someone else's plan becuase your stuck doing the same thing you hate. Number one the company doesn't make outbound calls, U call IN. Your entered in the sweepstakes and if the computer you should choose your entry number, yes you will get the oppurtunity to take advantage of the magazine offer which by the way isn't bad. Like you guys act like the are think abou the last time yuou went and bougt or picked up a magazine $5.95 or even $7.95 right? If you like to read 1.29 per week thru a monthly billing that I can have taken from my card or I can mail in a check. Hell it comes out less then movies or the monthly cable bill that I bet your kids sit in front oof all night long. U complain about a good activity for adecent price but I bet you when Verizon send u that postcard for an upgradde on your cable you called right in. It's the same thing. If people listened more than they talked they would here when a person says (YOUR ENTRY IS COMPLETE AND REGISTERED and then later in the conversation they give you offer) YOU response(See iI knew this was a scam the paper say's no purchase pr payment required and now you're trying to get me to buy, NO ###- I'm giving you an oppurtunity to take advantage of something we felt was good if you don't like it, say no thank you and hang up. U probably called in and are mad now becuase it is a good oppurtunity but you don't have job to accept it, that's understandable but understand this. The agent you're speaking to has does have one. To enter your ungrateful ### in the sweepstakes. Don't be mad or rude understand and stop hating. Oh and another thing If you decide to call in don't start the conversation I'M NOT GOING TO PURCHASE ANYTHING. IF THAT'S HOW YOU FEEL THEN JUST GET ENTERED IN THE SWEEPSTAKES AND IF YOU'RE SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM HEAR WHAT'S BEEING SAID AND MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION NOT A HALF ### DECISION CUZ YOU WERE TO BUSY TALKING TO HEAR WAHT WAS GREAT.

    This post was not meant to be mean to anyone but it was something I needed to get off my chest and I can't say it you on the phone. -Misunderstood

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  • Ra
    Rang123 Jul 08, 2017

    @MISUNDERSTOOD REP You should learn how to write before you post, you probably work for the scam artist.

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  • Na
    n/a n/a Feb 22, 2018

    @MISUNDERSTOOD REP your a [censor]

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  • De
    Destiny R Herron Aug 06, 2018

    @MISUNDERSTOOD REP I thought that it actually seemed ok, I didn't have to supply card info or anything I would really benefit from that money, don't have a lot of faith but hey maybe the day before my birthday ill get lucky, maybe not either way I wasn't out anything but a phone conversation. want to know what irks me? National Consumer surveys say this and that.. follow the instructions and you will get... well its not free its never gonna give you the check, card or phone they say they will... at least they never have me and honestly all it has resulted me in is my in-box being full of bullshit; not to mention yesterday for example, 32 calls(not included in the 100+ I've blocked so far) from out bound call centers... NONE of which could pronounce my name, I have had 3 blocks on my bank card due to that stupid first hope to get a grand for navigating some pop up windows and answer questions; what I not so fondly call the land of foreign dollar charges. So hell yea I am glad to call a number get an invoice and not have a clue where I managed to pick up the opportunity to get some magazines and money? no money? well neither are right now so thanks for choking down the bs and thanks for not stuffing my phone and inbox full of spam. Even more so thanks for pronouncing my name right, I am sure your grossly underpaid for what you do.

    -D.H from Rochester Minnesota

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  • Nu
    Number 1 Aug 31, 2019

    @MISUNDERSTOOD REP And nobody seems to have read the fine print on the back of the letter that says “This Sweepstakes may be presented in conjunction with various promotions and solicitations offered by the properties, subsidiaries, divisions, licensees owned by or affiliated with National Magazine Exchange and/or by their advertisers and marketing partners”. Always read the fine print people.

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  • Sh
    shipe Jun 29, 2009

    I just received this letter in the mail stating that I'v won a grand prize of 2, 100, 000, 00 and I have to July 9, 2009 to claim my prize and you stated that this is my second notice when I did't get anything the first time .my ID#79770762 . and I would like to claim my prize .please email me to let me know how here my email [email protected] you say there is no purchase to win .

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  • Cr
    Cro Oct 17, 2009

    This must be a scam. It was for my husband. It started in 2007 and my husband past in 2006. You can not inter something if you are not living.

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  • Ju
    juanitashe Dec 29, 2009

    I just received the same letter in the mail a few days ago.. but i ordered magazines from to colledge students who were selling magazines to help them earn $$$ to start thier own bussnesses. I had to pay $20.00 that day and then send $20.00 to the co. in the mail. I did get my magazines. i was a little leary because it took almost three months before i got them so I checked my receipt top see if it said anyting about when I should get them and it did, so I quit worring. The dudes who sold me the mags said that I would be able to enter thier sweeps.The letter ddi not say that I had won but I was selected to enter the sweeps.It also says thgat each winner will be notified by mail and will be required to complete, sing and have notarized an affidavit of eligiility. Release of liability. And where legally perissable. A publiucity release which must be received within 14 days of date printed on notification or an alternate winner will be chosen. It souns so lagit. I think I will call them but be very carefiul.

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  • Vi
    Vizonary Jan 13, 2010

    I got the same kind of notice. I refused to give her any personal information. Thewy knew my address, name and telephone number. They offered me 2 quartz watches with a real diamond in the 12 O'clock position and 3 magazines for $1.29 a month for a guaranteed price for 48 months. She kept repeating that this was a "remarkable deal." I just moved into this house less than 4 months ago! The letter says

    ATTENTION: John Doe (addressed to me, but anonymity is important).

    We are trying to reach you regarding your $1, 100, 000.000 prize entry ID#3xxxxxxxx. Your reply is needed by January 28, 2010 to be eligible for prize offerings.
    If your prize entry is selected the winning number in a random drawing you will win $1, 100, 000.00. Call 1-888-JACKPOT (1-888-522-5769) to activate your prize ID#3xxxxxxxx by January 28, 2010.


    E. Wright

    And it was signed.

    On the phone and on the back of the paper, it said that the drawing would be held in March of 2012. She said they sponsored this drawing and did it every 2 years. She also told me that there was a drawing happening this February. I told her I read about this sweepstakes on the internet and that people had posted that this was a scam. She told me that it was not a scam and that it was most likely an old customer who couldn't pay their bill and was "disgruntled" and wanted to get back at the company.

    I told her I did not remember entering into this sweepstakes and she said that I was on a list of preferred customers because I owned a Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. She asked me if I still had one and which one it was. I told her I did, but would not tell her what it was. I asked her how I got on the list and she said I could write to some place; like their warehouse, or HQ or something...I dont remember. But she gave me this address:

    8285 Bryan Dairy Rd Suite 150
    Largo, FL 33777

    I don't know if this was a real scam or not. I refused to give her any financial info and (REPEATEDLY) declined the magazines. She said my entry was complete but to get the watches as a free gift/prize, I had to partake in the wondrous magazine offer. I refused and then she connected me to an automated message that was talking about cruizes, healthcare, and vision care- I think. I stopped listening by then.

    I guess if it was a real legitimate offer since this is a real company, I'll find out in just over 2 years. My notice was similar to those I have read about, but a little different. They scam you by taking something that is usually real and using it to scam people, like those emails about an expiring paypal account, or ebay- my friend got taken for like $12, 000 for entering his paypal info into the hyperlinked site that lookd exactly like the real paypal page. Its hard to be sure. I hope its not a scam, but if it is- IT DIDN'T WORK ON ME!! LOL = )

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  • Po
    Powerhse74 Jun 16, 2010

    Here is the link to the Better Business Bureau rating National Magazine Exchange a "F". This should be explanation enough proving that you should never do business with this company!

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  • Ch
    cherripie8583 Jul 21, 2010

    God people... Where on the mailpiece does it say you have ALREADY WON?? It's people like you who don't read the mailpieces that assume everything is a scam. If you google NME sweepstakes winners, you will see the winner was just recently announced. NME is a clearing house, and because they don't spend money on celebrities to do their bidding for them, you assume... Well... What about Publishers Clearing House... They offer 3 magazines for $5.00 a week... Hmmmm... And NME is $1.29 per week... RIP OFF ALERT!!! NME WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!!! And for those of you who bought magazines, and then tried to say you were conned... I'd love to know how you spoke to 2 different people, PICKED OUT YOUR MAGAZINES with the first, and then VERIFIED the information with the supervisor, then went to your wallet, PULLED out the credit card, READ the number aloud... then watied while the supervisor RECORDED THE CALL AND GOT A SECOND YES before charging you... yeah... it's their fault... IDIOTS.

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  • Bk
    Bklyn CLK Nov 01, 2019

    @cherripie8583 Thank you for introducing some sanity to this site! Doesn't anyone know how to read anymore?? The only difference between this promotion & PCH is that you confirm your sweepstakes entry (& have OPTIONAL offers presented to you) over the phone rather than through the post or internet. Calm down, people! There are enough Real things in this life to get upset over; stop expressing your outrage over something that doesn't even exist!

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  • Ke
    KEEP IT REAL ALWAYS Oct 18, 2010


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  • Ra
    Rang123 Jul 08, 2017

    @KEEP IT REAL ALWAYS Liar it's a scam. I called attorney General office. Scam scam scam

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  • Bo
    Boot 2 Oct 25, 2010

    Darrell Spears id 134686864

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  • Wh
    whoathebliss Dec 09, 2010

    This is not a scam, you call and enter the sweepstakes and then the offer you a day. Whether or not you partake in that offer, you are entered for the sweepstakes. BUT, the reason they have the sweepstakes is to get people to call in and register and then they will repetitively try and convince you to buy magazines. If you say no, they will keep asking and will then get the supervisor on the line and make a better offer to you. If you want the magazines, go for it! It is a good deal on magazines. But if you don't want them, just keep saying no. Afterward, thank them and then hang up. Like I said, they will keep offering it to you, but just keep saying no. Whether you buy or not, you are entered into the sweepstakes. Now, if you get far enough as to give them your credit card info, then you see a charge on your bank account and did not say you want any of the above, then that is the companies fault. But chances are, you did not listen to the agreement the person on the phone was saying, and missed the part about the fee up front. Either way, you can call their customer support center 1(800)308-6247 and verify that either they don't have your credit card or checking account number on file, or if they are charging your account for anything. So no, it's not a scam. But it is a clever scheme in getting you to call in and trying to convince you into buying magazines AFTER you have been entered into the sweepstakes. And one more thing, if you did not call and register your Sweepstakes ID Number, then you most definitely WILL NOT win the sweepstakes. So read your paper clearly and you will see that it says to register to win, you have to call.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to respond and I will answer as soon as I can. And NO, I do not work for them, but I am very educated and have read the Privacy Policy and disclosures for their company.

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  • Wh
    whoathebliss Dec 09, 2010

    and then offer you a magazine subscription***

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  • Tr
    traydog Dec 16, 2010

    if you were not so greedy you would not have called over and over! Think these people that you are talking to are there cause they need the work and for you to call and cuss them scream at them and talk to them like s it is bull. Every time you call and dont pick mags or buy mags you hurt the person that you are talking to, so think before you call. oh, think cause if it was your wife or husband that didnt get paid or got fired cause of people acting just like you! now is not the time to hurt or get people fired, we all need a home and a job to protect and feed our families

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  • La
    La Lawrence Aug 24, 2018

    @traydog Do not use me.. I have my own problems. I cannot take care of yours.

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  • To
    Toothfairy01701 Jan 11, 2011

    I don't mind people trying to make a living, but I do not approve of giving away an expiration date to my credit card. Obviously, the date means nothing to them unless they already have your credit card number. I called the Better Business Bureau and I was told they were "phishing" for credit card information. First they enter you and then rush you into choosing and getting five magazineas at some very low subscription rate of 1.25 per week, and then they promise to send you diamond watches (BIG RED FLAG) but you must give them your credit card expiration date. BBB told me it was a SCAM. Call your Better Business Bureau and don't rely on anyone else!

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  • An
    anjilkat Mar 02, 2011

    None of you mention "mailing" your entry in, which circumvents the call. My letter is similar to all others; however, it also states that I can mail my entry in before the deadline OR call the 800 number. I see the same deadline in a couple of the comments above, so it's sounding like at least they have the same rules. But we'll see, I suppose. I believe I can win a million dollars or more just like anyone else who's won do happen...but I don't have time to read magazines although seeing the comparison of price it does sound like a good deal as shelf prices have become way too pricey, so it's tempting. I haven't decided what to do yet...shred it or return it in the mail. The BBB isn't the most reliable source for finding out accurate business info in my humble opinion. I've looked some things up there and found them to be way off on their ratings for local businesses in my area. Anyway...good luck to all who enter!!!

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  • Ca
    Carolyn A. Johnson Mar 18, 2011

    National magazine Exchange is nothing but a scam. They called my house claiming that I had won $400.000 second place prize money and wanted me to pay them a insurance fee on the money of $4, 850.00, inorder for the check to be deliver to my house; I had to pay them this money up front or I would not receive the $400.000 prize money. They are not honest people.

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  • No
    Nope1986 Mar 28, 2011

    I recived the same crap in the mail and it will not stop coming! when I called and asked how they knew me and the lady told me cause I owned a credit card! After I explained that I have never owned a credit card she got real quiet and couldn't expain this! So this a scam or an invasion of privaicy. Also if you like giving your money to company's that offer magazines that's your problem. But remember that I.D frad is number one in this country.

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  • Ho
    hotwired56 Apr 12, 2011

    My elderly mother received a notice in the mail saying that she were trying to reach her regarding a $1, 100, 000.00 prize entry. I walked in the door as she was on the phone with the representative, I listened closely as I sat down on the couch, they asked her for credit card information...that's when I spoke up. I told her that ANY supposed sweepstakes that you didn't enter in the first place who has representatives that ask you for bank account, credit card, or other private info is a SCAM. The woman she was talking to got angry...Mom handed the phone to me, I told the woman (while she would not shut up) that it was nothing personal, but we were going to call the State Attorney General and inquire about this, and if it was on the up-and-up we would call back...she started reading some scripted response to me, and telling me that my Mother called THEM, that they did NOT call HER, that my conversation was being recorded, etc etc etc...

    I'm going to show this page to Mom and hopefully she'll know better next time.

    ID.# 366716664

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  • Do
    dontfallforit001 Apr 19, 2011

    This company is not accredited by the BBB. Their overall score is D-.
    Factors that lowered National Magazine Exchange's rating include:
    390 complaints filed against business
    Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
    One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.
    One serious complaint filed against business.

    Factors that raised National Magazine Exchange's rating include:
    Length of time business has been operating.
    Response to 390 complaint(s) filed against business.
    BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

    Beware of this company everyone!

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  • Cl
    claudia i gonzalez May 11, 2011

    acabo de recibir la misma notificasion por correo mi id# 371880890i mi plaso sebence el26 de mayo

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  • Ch
    chisox1125 Jul 07, 2011

    This is not a scam. Cause I work at this place you ###s. No one is holding a gun to your damn head to buy the magazines, or anything that we sell... and no you didnt win you have a chance to win.. FYI as well they dont need just your expiration date on the card you jack ### they require the card number as well as like any situation that requires you to purchase something. And there is no insurace money as well MISS JOHNSON, u got scammed by someone else because number 1 the damn sweepstakes in March of 2012, you didnt win no 2nd place prize from us.

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  • Ro
    RON CONFUSSED Oct 29, 2011

    I just received a collection letter in the mail. saying i owed National Magazine Exchange $278.32 for some magazines i never received . I have never even heard of the place or business so i called the collection agency . witch they could not give me no information on the dept so i got on line to find all of the complaint's. so i deiced to call the collection agency back they would pick up the phone. and i could here people in the back ground but they would not answer me then they would hang up on me . i tryed several times calling them back . im thinking the collection agency is part of there scam

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  • Na
    Nass Mac Dec 06, 2011

    I did recieve an Official prize distribution statement for 1, 100, 000.00 too with a ID no. of 397464824 ... if this is nothing to do with you and your organization please do something to prevent these letters to be send to people and distroy your company ... thanks

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  • Mo
    morris waldman Apr 28, 2012

    i have been trying to cancel all magazines for months i refuse to pay

    morris waldman

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  • Mi
    Michelle04 Jun 28, 2012

    Its a real company and if people actually listen they would know when exactly they are registered.

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  • Am
    amaniplay Aug 28, 2012

    HI, I received the same mail and i gave them my card information for the magazin, they said they will charge me every month but i found that they took all the money.
    i want to know if they keeping charge me after a year . ? what can i do

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  • Bu
    BusMom Nov 06, 2012

    Received the "letter" today telling me that my $1, 100, 000 sweepstakes ID #182522824 was assigned to me on October 29, 2012 and that I only had until Nov. 22, 2012 to enter the sweepstakes. Fat chance!! Don't hold your breath about that one, cause it aint happenin! I think all these scam artists should be drawn and quartered!!! Shame on you for continually trying to scam innocent people out of their hard-earned money!! I find comfort in knowing that these people will be judged by God come judgement day. I pity you then.

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  • Ha
    harleyjeenz Nov 09, 2012

    My mom received a letter asking her to call before 11/1 to continue to be eligible for winning. When she called, they verified her address only. Yesterday she received a call from a Florida phone number saying she won $500, 000. They wanted to know if she would be home next Tuesday between 9-12 because they will be delivering the check to her door. They did not ask for any credit card or bank info but please know my mom receives magazines she has ordered so they received a check from her at one time. When I called the number showing on her caller ID, got a recording saying the number dialed was not available. I looked at the letter mom had received initially and discovered it was "junk" mail (I'm a letter carrier so I know what that looks like.) If it had been 1st class, I would have given it some credence. Now we'll wait and see if someone shows up on Tuesday. I don't think they will, but the setting where she lives is gated and I've informed the front office to be on the lookout. I myself would like to be there to strangle the jerk who is trying to take advantage of an elderly widow, but have to work. Hopefully the front office will do this for me.

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  • Jo
    J of Athens Jan 08, 2013

    My deadline is January 24, 2013, by which date I am to contact them or else lose out on possibly winning $36, 666.67 per year for 30 years, OR, $550, 000.00 in one lump sum, pre-tax. The letter stated, "We have been trying to reach you..." and yet, unless they are one of the many solicitors for money I refuse to talk to on the phone, I have never been contacted before regarding this deal. They are not listed with the Better Business Bureau of Clearwater, Florida, whereas you would think that a company that has been in business for "over 25 years, " as stated on their website,, they would have earned kudos from the BBB for having enriched so many Americans, or possibly Canadians (who must take a timed math test to win--if selected to win!). And come to that, wouldn't you think that over the course of 25 years they would have awarded more than "over $9 million in prize money, " as per their website, OR that they would have simply gotten out of the business since they can only manage to get rid of about $360, 000 per year?? Huh? I hope they used recycled paper to make this solicitation to riches; what a shame it would be if a tree had to die for these crooks. J of Athens

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  • Do


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  • Bo
    bowdy777 Feb 06, 2013

    Today i received a letter fron a collection agency (Tata & Kirklin) revealing i have as opportunity to settle a 278.00 bill with the national magazine exchange for 166.00... I am very upset with companies like them that take advantage of people who live on a limited income and they know that if the customers reveal this info while being pressured to order or reorder. Now to begin with i placed an order in 2011 and all was paid for, then i received another bill for 49.00 or they debited it from my account and had to fight with them to get it back, at that time i was told my order ws all set for 2yrs.. I never received a bill since then, till today, and like i said it was from a collection agency. The NME said my bill would be zero'd out therefore my acct was settled and the collection agency would be notified within 30-45 days.. Im worried they will put this fraudulant bill on my credit. As all know, u cannot have anything against your credit or they put u in the POOR CREDIT rating. Im sick and tired of extreme untruth in this country today concerning bussiness's who are out to get money from u one way or another. This is what Jesus tells us in the bible, "The world will be full of liars in the end times". If i have problems with people or bussiness's, thing's etc, I pray then do what i can to straighten things like this out and it ussually all works out for the good.. will see how NME goes forth from here. Good luck to the others who have problems with this co.

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  • An
    anjilkat Mar 06, 2013

    Chisox 1125 is the ### within this complaint of this SCAM!!! and Michelle04 a REAL company does NOT cheat people and steal from them like this company has done most of the people submitting complaints here. You both are sounding along the lines of the India guy who has called our house saying he's with the NY Police Dept one time then the New York SHERIFF's dept the next time. We've been scammed one too many times via the internet from simply making purchases or filling out an order form. It's ludicrous to see how easy actual legitimate companies steal from all of us quite easily and get away with it and remain in business! On this particular magazine sweepstakes baloney? Bottom line is...if you NEVER ENTERED this contest to begin with, why would they be notifying you of being a potential winner...that's the clue to avoid it altogether in the first place.

    Oh and another company that I'm going to make a complaint about here soon is Crafter's Choice where you sign up for a membership and are supposedly only obligated to make a certain number of purchases beyond the beginning offer and you can canel your membership once that commitment is made...well they're a rip-off, too! Just trying ENDING your membership with them. I'm STILL trying to get them to cancel my membership after 8 months. They continue to try to send me their book orders and bill my card. I will next be contacting my bank and turning them into fraud for not abiding by their own contract.

    Best wishes to all who are scammed in ANY way shape or form. It does make it much easier to pay bills etc online, but this fraud stuff needs to end, NOW.

    1 Votes
  • Ir
    irock_you Jun 07, 2013

    I paid $60 a long time ago on a phone call about receiving magazines for 60 weeks, I love magazines. I kept receiving chunks of interesting magazines every week. good stuff. I remember the chick on the phone telling me to wait until "This particular month-June that is" to be qualified to win a prize. $100K. or a Ford Mustang. I received the same sweeptakes letter and I gave them a call via Skype, no one asked me to pay or buy anything. the lady asked me politely to provide my Entry ID number.. then, she gave me the necessary information, and thanked me. and hung up smoothly.

    Honestly, I don't give a rat's ### about sweepstakes. but I'll give it a shot and give you guy any update I get from NME.. I've got nothing to lose. and my bank account is flat zero. I'm a student. and I don't have any credit account.

    2 Votes
  • Na
    National Magazine Exchange Dec 15, 2013

    I am writing because I was scamed From The National Magazine Exchange program. I keep getting magazines that I dont want and these high bills I called and asked them to stop sending them. Over and over there should be against the law for people or companys to keep billing and sending people things they dont want

    2 Votes
  • As
    AshleyL19883 Jan 28, 2014

    I got one of these letters and said the same thing. So is it a scam?

    1 Votes
  • As
    AshleyL19883 Jan 28, 2014

    So I guess this a scam, cause I just got the same letter in the mail. I wish they do something to people that is trying to scam people. Also they need protect people getting people's information on computers.

    1 Votes

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