National Car Rentalregarding change in my rental amount for the rented car without informing

D Jun 18, 2019

I am complaining about car that I rented from National Car. Below are the complete details:
Rental Agreement # [protected], Bill Ref # [protected],
Renter Name: Deepshikha Jain
Rental Location: Washington Reagan Airport, VA 22202
Return Location: Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark NJ 07114-3
Date rented: 08-June :07:16 AM to 09-June : 11:57 PM ( 2days)

When I booked the car as per the above details, the amount that was shown to me was USD 167 in total for 2 days. When I got invoice while returning the car, they charged me USD 503.65. I contacted their customer care multiple times and they provided me the reference # for my complaint which is: [protected] and told me that branch manager from Washington Reagen airport will contact me but no one has contacted me even after 1 week.
The issue is they changed the daily rate to USD 193.15 and did not inform me when I picked the vehicle. Also, they charged me for Damage Waiver (USD 49.98) and Roadside Assistance Program (USD 11.98) which was shown to me as free while booking as I am Emerald club member.
So, in nutshell, 2 issues:
1. They charged me on a very high daily rate and did not inform me that the rate has changed of my rental since the time I booked.
2. They charged me for Damage Waiver and Roadside Assistance which is free for Emerald members.
I would like to get the money refunded for both the accounts.

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