National Car Rental Port Hardyexcessive billing

K Jul 28, 2019

I have already submitted this complaint once with no response. We collected a hire car from Port Hardy Airport and there was no one at the desk when we arrived. We had to call and after the second call some one arrived who said that they were not the regular person and that Debbie had a water leak so she was helping out.

This person then told us that our rental started at 140, by this time it was around 9.15 am, despite the rental contract saying a different time, we apologised and asked the lady not to rush. she then told us that the vehicle was off site and we had to go with her to collect and then come back. At no time was it discussed that we would have to pay extra for one hours use and in fact by the time we had been to collect the car it was nearer 9.45am.

I feel that we have been unfairly charged additional costs which we were not made aware of and did not get an extra hour car rental. In view of this I would like the additional charge refunded to my credit card please.

excessive billing

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