Nando's Chickenlandpita, wrap, quarter chicken, chicken bowl

Good day, Nando's Head Office Customer service

The pita had two small chicken strips buried in a lot of salad. Upon complaining about the amount of chicken, the waitress took it back and the manager returned, saying 'there was 5 pieces of strips in there'. It was clear that pieces were added and my family witnessed that.
The wrap had more salad at the bottom than pulled chicken.
My husband's comment was: 'What a rip-off!'
The patrons next to us ordered he quarter chicken, received a very small thigh and drumstick which they sent back because it was 'too small'. The gentleman said that it would not even be enough for his child.
As we were leaving, I glanced at other patrons' meals and I was shocked to see a bowl of rice with 5 small pieces of chicken (I renamed it the 'Rice bowl') instead of a 'Chicken' bowl.
I urge Nando's Head Office to experience this first hand by visiting and ordering those meals.
Last night was my last visit to Nando's GrandWest, it was not a pleasant meal/experience.
(I did not take any photos.)

Aug 09, 2019

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