Najm One / Majid Al Futtaim Financebeen cheated by sales person / a bit lengthy complaint

Hi I am sadiq,

My card no-[protected] /
A sales person from najm (hassan - [protected]) approached my company at the mid of dec-2018, saying there is promotion going on saying the following,
1. No annual fees of 300aed
2. Gift card of 300aed (which only I received from 2 3 persons who have applied from my company along with me)
3. I will get cash back of 10% on where ever & what ever I purchase
From the above I only received 300aed gift card.

Then I asked that guy about the reimbursement of 300aed of annual fees, after my statement that I received including the annual fees. He promised me that he is responsible to get that money along with all the cash back whatever I purchased above 75 aed. After that I didnt get any positive reply I raised as a complaint (2 3 times I did complaint), then I got call back from him he said the customer care people does'nt knows about the offers kindly withdraw the complaint (so I did the same believing his words). From that month of feb till march end he said the same story. By march end he said that I will get all the cash back watever eligible for me as a gift card and he will get me a new credit card with some good offers, so he offered me to cancel the existing card. But I could not cancel by march since I was running with an emi until may. He asked me to call after may when my emi gets over.
Till now he is not picking the call / no response in whatsapp (reason I didnt complaint in the middle is because I went on for vacation by june).

After a long time he picked my call yesterday 08.07.19 (since I called from some other number), he said the story that your deal is ready ill confirm by aftn on the same day, but he didnt turned out until now after so many calls and messages.

I have been literally cheated and still being cheated.

1. I need justice for my loss of aed-300 (annual fees)
2. My cash back what he promised I will get for all the purchases I did believing the glittering offers what he said. (to be honest I started using the card after he confirmed through the call about the 10% cash back or else I wouldnt have used the card)
3. Even if I am not getting anything I need to know whether whatever he said is true or no, I am broken, having a feeling that I got cheated cheaply only because of his monthly target. And then I need to close my card so I dont have to pay any yearly fees anymore.
4. Some of his whatsapp message is with me if needed I shall send as a mail if get a call back.
5. For my satisfaction I am writing this complaint. I have also complained by call. My ref no is (maf-6685932)

Your prompt action is required. If also you people could not do anything say me at the earliest. I will happily take this cheat and cheap activity by your staff. But I need to know whats the status.

My no - [protected]
Mail - [protected]

Jul 08, 2019

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