My Hub Travel23000 rs paid for package no booking id and no refund till now

1. I had discussion with Varun Aggarwal for the booking. And when i discussed with him he said I can pay 5000 rs as an advance so that he can confirm about the booking rest he told me to pay 4500 which will complete 50% of the booking after getting the booking ID and he said i can pay rest during trip. I didn't receive any booking ID. I paid 5000 rs.

2. Then I had discussion with Rahul Saxena he said if i pay another 10000rs then i will get the booking ID in 1 hour rest i can pay later during the trip. I still didn't receive any booking ID. I paid overall as 15000rs.

3. Later yesterday I had discussion with Rajiv Mehta he said untill and unless i pay rest of the amount he will not give booking ID. He said on the call that booking is confirmed but he will share booking ID within half an hour only if i pay rest of the amount. But i was not told about GST. Now they told i need to pay GST as well. Why this is not mentioned in my trip cost details at the start? Now i paid complete amount that is 23000rs that includes GST but where is my booking ID?

I mean whats going on guys. Are you really serious about making customers happy? If you are customer centric then where is the booking ID? Either share the booking ID or refund my money.

I got only refund of 10000 still they need to refund Rs 13000. Its already been more than a year but i didnt get the refund of rest of amount

Mar 05, 2019

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