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I pay my DSTV account by internet transfer every month prior to the due date. In July, I paid my August account on 23-07-2011 as normal. I then started getting e-mails on my DSTV decoder telling me that if I didn't pay my account by today 06-08-2011, my account would be suspended. Yesterday morning 05-08-2011 at 05:06, I sent an e-mail to Multichoice to the e-mail address which they provide on their website which is [protected] They promise an 8-hour turn-around time to respond. Well 8 hours has come and gone and I am still waiting for Multichoice to contact me. This morning, Multichoice suspended my account and I have been on the phone to them 4 times for in excess of 25 minutes every time. This amounts to quite a heavy telephone account. The 2nd time I called this morning, the consultant told me to fax my proof of payment to [protected]. This I did. A while later I called again and the third consultant I spoke to told me that the fax number doesn't exist anymore and that they don't check. When I asked this consultant where I have to provide my proof of payment, his response was that they don't ask customers for proof of payment. I have done everything right on my side and yet Multichoice have still suspended my account. Can someone PLEASE tell me what to do now. Can Multichoice be so useless and incompetent.


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    Marion Hill Sep 28, 2019

    Hello, my account no. Is 47278494. Please would you at me know what my monthly payments are.

    Thank you

    Marion Hill

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