MultiChoice Africa / DSTVunauthorized debit order

I have called Multichoice on the 29th June requesting to cancel my dstv account with Multichoice, I have indicated to their assistant that I have changed residence and currently do not have a permanent place to stay therefore I requested to cancel till further notice, however their service agent that was assisting me he suggested that he will reduce the price plan to Dstv access then if I still haven't found accommodation then I can call again to cancel it completely he also then indicated that because my money for July was already due to being debited on the 1st of July what he will do he will secure the balance onto my Dstv account which I can access whenever I need to increase the price plan but to my surprise I they have continued to debit me till the beginning of this month even after that call.
I have called multichoice several times informing them about my query all they do is promise to resolve the matter and that they will listen to the telephone conversations and get back to me but they never bother to give any constructive feedback or any type of feedback even when I am the one making the phone calls.
I have notified them that I need the money because of the financial distress I am facing but it seems like they are not willing to reserve all the transaction even if they have listened to the call conversations as proof of cancellation, I am sure that they did listen because every time they make me hold the line for about 30 minutes and more their reason is that they are still listening to the calls with the finance department and promise to have it sorted but they do not do that. I have called again today (30/09/19) to remind them about the promise for reversal but again they couldn't assist me without feedback.

Sep 30, 2019

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