MultiChoice Africa / DSTVreconnection of my premium subscription for the rwc

A recent email from DSTV for a two month RWC special peaked my interest, and I was fully prepared to signed up for the two months at the offered R750 special rate. The incompetence of the call agents (friendly, but clueless), and systems used to administer the R750 special conspired to turn my interest into confirmation why I choose to stop my subscription. Laughable things happened. After receiving the email you sent to me, I was told that I was not eligible for the special, and during one call (there where several) I was informed that I would be penalised for stopping my subscription. My personal favourite was the fact that one agent claimed that I needed to pay an outstanding amount of R512, before I get connected. It later turned out to be a 'language' issue. She meant it was a prepayment.

I stopped my premium subscription, because by comparison DSTV offers a poor value proposition when compared to the much cheaper streaming options. In fact I never missed my DSTV subscription, apart from the odd weekend of sport. Don't phone me. I will after my latest experiences not likely return to this service, but would like to offer some advice. Get with the programme.

Offer sport on a pay-per-view basis (i.e R50 per game) or continue to lose customers to streaming, DSTV Now duplicate viewing or even 'pirate' viewing. It's easier than you think, but I bet you know this. The question is why you persist with this clearly unsustainable model.

Oct 03, 2019

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