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ood day, Please explain to me: Our DSTV hasn't been working for months due to a faulty eye on the satelite dish so we've downgraded so that we don't pay for something we can't use. On 5th September R50 was deducted for subscription. On the 21st Sept, we've fixed it and then upgraded to compact again on the self service portal. We've chosen the option to say PAY NOW via debit order and chose the date of the 21st (same day). DSTV have failed to do so... now I get a message that DSTV has been disconnect due to non payment. WHY wasn't the debit order send to the bank on the chosen day? Secondly why is the amount R641?? Compact is only R391, we've already paid the insurance for September with the decution on the 5th, and with only 2weeks before next months debit order, then surely that amount can't be right?? I'm not going to pay almost R700 for Compact which is double the amount!! MC DU TOIT ([protected])

Oct 01, 2019

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