MultiChoice Africa / DSTVgiving incorrect information


End of September when it was time to pay for my multichoice account. I phoned their office and requested the lady to check what I need to pay. She checked whilst I waited on my cellphone and my own airtime going, she then informed me that I have to pay 800+ and I decided to pay 900 rands. I asked her to confirm if this was the correct amount and I paid it immediately after the call. The next think they disconnect my services saying I owe R 1500. My question is you told me what to pay and now you inconvenience me for what? We work as customers on a budget, If I owe you and you the person that I owe tells me what to pay you, I should not be penalized for your own incompetence and mistakes. I am so sickened by this company's arrogance and nil care for its consumers that I wish to cancel their accounts and go to starsat. The government is allowing these bullies to walk all over our heads because they know that they have majority in the market. I am done

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