MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv fraud

V Nov 20, 2017

Today I received an SMS stating I owe R 9653.35 and my DTSV Services has been disconnected.
My account is up to date and is debited monthly.
I have the DSTV Premium package, Indian Bouquet and dual view.
This year from Jan to Oct I have paid R 11 770.50.
So how is my account in ARREARS ??? for an amount of R 9653.35 ???? This is FRAUD.
I am currently on hold and extremely frustrated.
The Agent assisting me has reconnected my services as she can see that my account is up to date and she will get someone to contact me and resolve the query.
So if my account is up to date then why did I receive an sms stating I owe R9653.35
I have proof from my Bank Account that my DSTV/Multichoice subscription is being debited from my Bank Account monthly and I am not in arrears.

So you need to clarify this error on your part and ensure that I am not inconvenience any further.

If you are unable to assist, let, e know I will be contacting Seniors and Logging further complaints as this is Fraud on the part of DSTV/Multi-choice.
Legally I have the proof and you should treat my COMPLAINT with urgency as the service is extremely disappointing and accusation that my account is in
Arrears is causing undue stress and frustration that I am not being assisted in the correct manner
Unfortunately the employee's have a bad, don't care attitude and fail to realise that they are empoyee's and without the Customer they will not have a job. I am tired of dealing with DSTV Staff that are ineffecient, incompetent, arrogant and blatantly disrespectful. I have bee complaing since 6 Nov and now I am being victimised for trying to resolve my query of R9653.35. I have asked for Senior Managers to assist but you are allowed to speak to them, they are uncontactable. Scary that this is the service we have to put up with. I am highly with DSTV and this fraudulent claim.

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