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I had a problem with xstraview had a e143 error so i called a installed.They came fix the cable, then i phoned and they couldn't clear the e16.I spoke at least to 4 diff persons of which 2 didn't know what they doing, even the installer got furious.My problem now its still not working and then i received a message to pay my account first before they clear the error. I have been to the doctor I'm sick in bed, besides that the 1st operator could have told me, mam first pay your ACC before we can clear the code.Pathetic service and this for a premium subscriber for how many years now.

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May 14, 2022 4:36 am EDT

Your customer service is just bad. Stop calling us with attitudes. Dstv calls to advertise and demands to know when am paying my dstv. Honestly your customer service team needs training

Oct 02, 2019 2:44 pm EDT

I keep being charged re-connection fee all the time even when the services were NOT disconnected.

The is no professionalism, no customer service the way they speak to us as customers its very disappointing and absurd.

I have been a DSTV customer for many years and to see that this is how we get treated is disgusting.

I will NOT keep on paying re-connection fees when ever DSTV feels like it.

The Team leaders and Supervisors are very rude they even hanged up the phone. as soon as i get fiber at my house i will cancel the subscription. Infact i will be cancelling the subscription unless i get refunded for the re-connection fees.
I contacted them tonight 02 October 2019.

What is it, is it because they know they have a lot of subscribers that they can treat us like this. this really questions a lot of things about the organisation itself because you can tell what kind of a company it is by its stuff.

I want to go even higher than the supervisors up until all these bad apple are dealt with one can ever be sure probably the company is not bad is the people that answers the phones and the Leaders in the ground that doesn't care because its not them that are in the situation. I would say if it was them that were treated like this will it be fair?

I want to rate the service received by me and everyone that is a DSTV subscriber its high time we get the service we deserve as we do pay without problems.

i will be spreading this on all their Social Media platforms up until i am heard and that the phone is not hanged up on my ear deliberately.

Mar 15, 2019 3:28 am EDT

one complain is you pay on 31 January but on 28 Feb your tv is off how can you count this?

Mar 15, 2019 3:24 am EDT

DSTV monthly subscriptions are increasing each year, same movies repeating and some channels suspended I do not know why like channel 225, 226 and many more why are you increasing monthly subscriptions like as if you do not care with your customers?


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