MultiChoice Africa / DSTVbad service

A Sep 01, 2018

A.Samuels customer no. [protected]. Ive just about had it with Dstv n there service delivery, its been many months that I've had a problem where by i pay my acc. But it does not reflect or it does but only in my box office acc. I've spoken to countless ppl in your service delivery to fix this problem n every month they assure me its been fix, just to find my dstv cut again n again n again every month. Last month i was told that my residential acc. was not set as my default acc. n that it has now been fix but yet again today my dstv gets cut. Is it just me or do you have a bunch of retards working in your service delivery room or is it that your system is so messed up that they dont know how to fix this problem? Im redlined and im considering canceling my dstv for good n just go over to Netflix because you pepeol reali don't care about your customers. This problem can go on every month n be fiex every month after i waist time n money to call n hang on a line for you to find the problem...i dont get my money back! Dstv got my details let hope i get a response.

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