MTAunethical behaviour

I am employed by the mta and on Oct. 15th 2018 i was sent on a random drug test which i failed due to me taking a cough syrup the night before that had codeine for my asthma it was a mistake and will never happen again. Dr. nadig who is now contracted by the mta to oversee my case has been unprofessional with me since day 1. he speaks to me about bodegas (spanish stores) being hungover, forced me to tell him why i have fmla which has been approved for 2 years with the mta with the appropriate parties that need to know not Dr. nadig. i have a open case with him with human resources and i was told i never have to see him again. Unfortunately the person that was in charge of my case has been promoted but the president of HR is aware of this situation. I was forced to see him on Oct. 3rd 2019. I was told i could not bring anyone with me. I fear that if we are in a room by ourself he will say i said something inappropriate or even say i physically threatend him. On this meeting he made his receptionist sit in and hear our conversation but i was denied to have someone sit in on my behalf. i was embarrassed and humiliated on the way he spoke to me and the picture he painted of me in front of his receptionist. He wanted to know what my medical leave was i keep saying are you talking about my fmla cause if so its a federal private act and i do not need to tell him. But being that he told me if i donot it will be longer before i receive my firearm (i am a bridges and tunnel police officer) i was forced to tell him while his receptionist was in the room. I was completely embarrassed and humiliated during and after this meeting.
I can be reached at [protected].
William Fernandez
email: [protected]

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