Mr. Lubeoil change


For the second time in the last two years I lost my engine cover due to improper installation at Mr. Lube. This time the cover had been replaced with a brand new one just a few months earlier at a cost of over $500. I made the greeter at Mr. Lube aware that the cover and fasteners are new and asked to have someone double check that the cover has been installed properly. A couple of months later I have this horrific bang under the car while driving on the Hwy followed by a scary swooshing sound. At least I knew what it was this time and as soon as I was able to pull over confirmed it was again the front of the cover that dropped to the road acting like a large scoop while scraping along the pavement. I managed to get under the car and strap the front of the cover to the grill and was able to go straight to the franchise where the cover was installed after the oil change. A man who claimed to be the manager did not have a business card to identify himself. After about an hour he told me that the car was past the 5000km warranty period but he had the pit crew re-install the cover so that I can drive safely. He said the cover let go because ONE bolt was rusted away. Not having any confidence I got on my knees on the greasy floor and discovered that the front of the cover now had plastic ties holding up the corners and nothing holding the middle. The 'manager' explained that they had no fasteners and that's the best he could do. Before leaving I got on my knees again and re-installed my strap to the front grill to make sure I'd at least get home.
If one bolt was rusted away it did not happen since my last oil change a couple of months ago. This is a very dry summer. If one bolt was rusted away I should have been made aware especially after I had asked that the secure installation of the cover be double checked. If one bolt was rusted away then all the other bolts should at least still be in place. Plastic ties to hold a cover under the car at Highway speed??? Mr. Lube pit guys don't take the time to install all the fasteners properly. It's faster to just put back a few and hope that it lasts more than 5000 km.
Lesson learned: Mr. Lube cannot be relied upon for quality work and the customer is not permitted to go into the pit to verify that the work was done proper.
It's understandable that they don't have all the parts for all models but if they send a car on its way in not roadworthy condition they must at least inform the customer and then have the customer come back when the parts arrived.
Obviously the only way one has a chance of getting a simple lube job done properly is to take the car to the dealer. It's much cheaper in the long run.

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