Motel 6 Visalia CACheck in Attendant

A Aug 03, 2018

On July 22 I decided to stop unplanned after a long drive. I stopped at a Motel 6 because I have always had a great experience in the past. When I walked in the door the gentleman at the desk seemed put out that someone was walking in the door. When I asked for a room he reluctantly stood up and went to his computer and game me a price. When I asked if he could match the price I found online he became belittling. He said that the online price was for one person and this price was for two. When I showed his he said that the price did not include taxes and fees. I again showed him that it did ( I had tried to book on my phone but there had not been enough data in the area for me to do so). The entire time we were having this conversation he had a deprecating smile on his face. I took the room stating that I had been driving for a long time and was going to go straight to sleep as I was needed a nap. I then went to the room and attempted to sleep. Within less than a half an hour there was a knock on my door to deliver towels. I was so frustrated that I left shortly thereafter. I left within 2 hours of checking in.

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