Motel 6 San Angelo. TX.non working air conditioner, disgusting housekeeping.

R Sep 01, 2018

On July 3rd of 2018 my Air conditioner went out in my apartment. I had very little money so I went to your motel here in San Angelo. I have stayed there many times and have never had a complaint. I called to make sure there was a room available. Taxi took me to the office I went in paid almost 50.00 bucks. They gave the key to room 208. The room had dead flies on the floor. I turned the air on and maybe ten minutes I noticed the room getting warmer. I called the office They told me to come get a new key card. I almost fell twice getting to office. Thank God the man in 204 helped me to 206. I walked in the bed wasn't made and the air would not even come it was full of mosquitoes. So I called the office she brought me another key card. They floors were nasty but the air worked and I was exhausted. I get my shower lay down in the bed and turned the TV on it came on but no cable. I looked at the wires hanging under the cabinet I call the desk and she tries helping but no cable I turn the TV and the cable was out of the wall coupler. I shove back in and TV came on. I watch for a bit then I start drifting off to sleep. At two am a large number of people start argueing then they start running up and down the stairs. They stopped around 4. I told the staff at check out. They said the ones that check the rooms was supposed put the bad rooms on report and didn't. This caused me considerable pain and suffering they gave corporates number and told me to file a complaint. Which I did on July 4th. But I have not heard from name is Richey Stewart I live at 3510 Wildewood Dr. Apt # 59 San Angelo Texas 76904

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