Motel 6rip off


My husband and I was to stay the night at motel 6 in elizebathtown ky!! We paid for our room and asked for an extra pillow due to my back problems!! When the housekeeper brought the pillow to room she then went and told front desk that their was a strong pot smell in room!! When they called up to the room and asked me about it, I told them that we was not smoking in the room! The lady then sent 2 guys and a housekeeper to our room! When he knocked on door he said police and when I opened the door it was just more staff!! They didn't say anything at first just sniffing. I said what and he said yes there is a pot smell in this room!! I again told him that we was not smoking in the room and that my husband was going in parking lot to smoke a cigerette! We don't even smoke pot!! He then said you have 15 min to vacate property before we call police!! When my husband got back I told him what was said and he decided that we was not putting up with that hassle from that motel so we decided to leave! My husband went to front desk to get our money back since we hadn't even been there for an hour and a hal[censored] They told him that we was not getting a refund because the room smelled like pot!!! First we do not smoke pot!!! Second we will never ever stay at another motel 6!!! Third I will tell everyone about this and blast it on social medea!!! Y'all need to get over yourself and stop ripping people off!!!

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