Motel 6motel 6 9601 4th view st. norfolk, virginia

P Aug 17, 2018

Checked in July 23rd to our non-smoking room, when we opened the door strong smoke smell hit us! Upon staying in the room for 4 hours I realized there was also mold growing in the ac unit which was leaking on the floor and hairballs in my bed. My sons didn't even want to stay and this was their fishing trip. We left at 11pm and were told no refund for the 2 nights we had booked. I did however argue with T.J. on the phone and receive 1 night back. My son and I had to go to the doctor the day after returning home and we were diagnosed with bronchitis from smoke and mold exposure. We have incurred $200 in medical bills and $400 in lost income from being sick for 3 weeks and T.J. insists on keeping our $75 for the night we had to leave at 11pm because the room was making us sick! I called Motel 6 corporate office and was only told to deal with the owners, they don't care and I don't think your corporate office cares either. I bet you'll have to care when someone dies from staying in that toxic mold filled dump!

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