Motel 6 Lewisville TXfront desk/ manager

W Aug 17, 2018

I moved from Cincinnati Ohio, stayed at this location due to job was easy to get to. The manager was so rude, disrespectful, irate every time I went to make sure my room was taken care of. I payed and was consistent she told me I can only do 14 days. I said ok and I would check out and then check in two days later. She then stated I can not stay, I explained I checked out and I have not stayed for a complete 14 days. I pay online and then I go to get my key corrected and they automatically cancel and took my key and stated I can not stay at their hotel any longer. I have never in my life experienced such evil and unprofessional this chain of motel has treated me. I thought highly but never again. I will make sure I take this to the top at Motel 6!

front desk/ manager
front desk/ manager

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