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dog bite

on 05/10/10 i was a guest at the motel 6 in evans colorado and was walking toward my room when a man who worked for the motel as maintenace aproached me with a very large he was aprochjng i asked him if his dog would bite and he replied that the dog wouldnt bite so i continued in my direction. when they were within a few feet of me i kinda paused and squated down so that i wouldnt seem like any kind of threat to the dog.when they got within the dogs leash distance
the dog londged at me and bit me on the throat.i went straight to my room so that i could look in the mirror to see how bad my injury was.i was bleeding quite a bit from puncture wounds that were left behind from the bite. blood began to soak my shirt and that time it occured to me that i had better ask the owners of the dog if it had all its shots.i went to the front desk and spoke with the manager who is the girl freind and co-owner of the dog.i informed her that i had been bitten by their dog and she told me that she thought it was best if i left the property and if i didnt that she would call police and have me removed. i told her to call an ambulance also.the police were called as was the ambulance and i was told by police that the owner who was on the property wanted me to leave.i was treated for my wounds at the greeley hospital.i have tried many times to speak with the owner and he has hung up on me

nasty rooms

I spent the night at this motel/hotel in Jackson, Ms on 9-27-10.I went to take a shower and found the bathtub to be black from not being cleaned properly.I was staying with my son and daughter in law and 2 grand babies.We had seperate room had the above stuff as well as what appeared to be pubic hair on the blanket, yuck.The other room had the 2 matteress that were torn and very nasty looking.I also found what looked like Mold in my room in the bathroom area as well.I have emailed these folks, but have gotten no response from them.

cleanliness of room

When first walking in the room the smell was not pleasant. it was musty. I looked on the floor when I saw a...

did not get what I paid for

I was travelling back from central kansas to middle tennessee on the night of may 12, 2010 and it began...

refused to rent - no reason given

I stayed at this Motel 6 location for a week, and for the most part was satisfied. There was an issue with...

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retailation, harassment, hostile work enviroment, discrimanation

To: all present or past employees of accor hotel, motel 6, studio 6 or red roof inn.

I am looking into starting a class action against accor hotels, motel 6.

I was a manager and I am now waiting for the eeoc to finish up there federal investigators duties on a charge of retailation, harassment, hostile work enviroment and discrimination.

Please email me at [protected]

Tell me your whole story, what property number, any and all info so I can put a log together.


they treat you like trash

I checked into the hotel, and the room heater did not work. I then, called the front desk to have them send a...

stay away

If any of you veterans out there are planning on visiting Seaside, Oregon for Veterans Day, the Motel 6 there is a pretty nice place to stay, it's economical and you can bring your pet.

But my wife and I were barred from ever staying there without any reason given. It may have been the manager is an anti-war guy and didn't like my Viet Nam Veteran license plate holder.

If you do stay there, I would really appreciate it if you would ask them about that and let me know.


My name is Janet Robinson, my daughter and I stayed at the Motel 6 stated above. It was a frightening experience to the point where we called the police. At 3:30 in the morning the phone rang. The caller was lude and explicit about what he was going to do to us. He knew what we looked like and even when we walked our dog. This went on until 6 am. I called the front desk as earlier that day I had seen a security guard. I lodged my complaint and asked for security to come help us. The desk clerk refused, saying that I should just unplug the phone. I told her that was not possible as I have a sick sister at home. The obscene caller said he was in room 159, we were in room 156. When I told the front desk this the female clerk told me that was impossible as there was no one in that rom nor any rooms on our side. When the police came he knocked on room 159, there was a couple in that room and there was also a couple in a room right next to them who oddly vacated immediately as soon as the police car was out of sight. My daughter and I spent the night in total terror with the constant phone calls which were very threatening. Upon packing to leave we were terrified as we knew this person knew us yet we didn't know what he looked like. I have a complaint # 841945. I was told to speak to Linda the motel manager yet when I called she was not on the property. Aside from this there were holes in the wall with duct tape over them. Why have a security guard on sight when he won't come to help? No one should have to go through what we went through and not one person who worked at the motel showed an ounce of concern or care. My daughter still has not gotten over the ordeal, neither have I. It was like living in a horror movie. And we had to pay from 9/19/09 to 9/22/09 to be put through this. I hope this matter gets resolved as I am so very tempted to call an attorney for neglegence on the part of Motel 6 #0123. Respectfully, Janet Robinson

  • Pi
    pinkflowers Sep 25, 2009

    Wow. It sure sounds like a traumatic experience. It was strange that the motel did not send security. What kind of establishment does that.

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money hungry

I drive a truck cross country and broke down on 08/16/09 and the company put the wife, dog and I up in a motel6 affiliate called studio 6 in garland, texas.I'm being reimbursed for the room but still my company is getting screwed. first it has a 49.00 plus 10.00 for the extra person and a 10.00 fee for the dog. Then because I had to pay cash they charge 25.00 refundable deposit.No big deal we are not going to tear anything up. The 10.00 fee for the dog is non refundable even though the dog is well trained. I am only 100 miles from home but did not want to drive there for our truck might not take too long to fix. So my daughter and her 4 kids (6 and under) came down to see us and spend the day. They were tired at the end of the day and had an air mattress with them, so we just blew up the air mattress and was going to have the kids sleep on that. The price said 10.00 per adult and 3.00 for each child so I tried to do the right thing and go to the office and explain that the kids were going to stay the night and offered to pay the extra 22.00 and was refused, they would have to rent an extra room or leave. My room was 60.00 plus tax with a dog fee. Their room(since they had us by the cahunas), was 79.00 plus tax without a dog and of course the 25.00 refundable deposit because it was paid with cash. I think the is shoddy business practices and will not spend another night here, I have already paid for tonight so I will stay, but don't care how many days the truck is broke down, I won't be back. Tom Boadette may leave a light on for you but it will cost you, BEWARE AMERICA. RON WEST ROOM 160

  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 18, 2009

    I believe it is a matter of the fire code. Regardless if they are kids or not you can not have that many people in one room.

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rude staff/security/poor up-keep

This place is a zoo, children running around with no supervision, rude staff, and property that looks like a third world country. And when you BUY there internet card you are continously kicked off line.
And do not expect anything to get repared in your room, because english is not an opion.
I plan not to stay at another as long as I live.

M. Evans

poor service, attempted ripoff, dirty rooms

1. Billing-initially billed for full duration of stay ($342.67), stayed two nights at quoted rate of $59.99...

Resolved nasty loud stinky beds broke exc...

My family and I went to a wedding in tulsa 3-13-09 to 3-15-09 and it was an awful experience the rooms had bugars on the walls the bed was broken they stunk the carpets were nasty we had prank callers all through the night there were partys all night it was an expreience I will never forget. I went to the manager and complained do you think they cared... not... we had to leave the hotel and go to another one we went to a super 8 it was like walking into a mansion I am so discusted I will never go to another motel 6 again and ask everyone that reads this to do the same

sighned concernd for my health

Resolved dirty rooms dirty neddles

To whom it may concern,

I work out of town alot and was told to stay at motel 6 in florance sc. When I arived there, I took a shower, went to eat dinner and came back to my room. I went to pull the covers back and something fell on the floor. It startle me, I had steped on this object. Come to find out it was a used neddle with blood still in the neddle. I called the front desk, I wanted the manger to see it for them self. I was told they would give me a free night stay. I called the police and took them 2 hrs. To arive there. I wanted to get the neddle checked out for hiv. I was told all they could do was to despose it. Well here I sit 2 years later, no attorney in south carolina will take my case. I feel south carolina has a buddy buddy system in place. P. S. Whats wrong with the system...

Resolved money hungry

I had work check that came late to me in mail. I couldn't get it cashed, so I ask a friend to loan me...

Resolved a bunch of thieves

I been staying at the motel for awhile. I pay a pretty good amount of to stay at this motel. Until new owner...

Resolved policy

This it! I have used my credit card for my children using rooms from Mi clear to Ca. Most had information and...

manager and house keeper

I honestly do not want to be a bother. I just wanted to inform you that we will be checking out of your hotel and will not ever be a guest at any motel 6 again. I have been asking politely for towels, tissue, and clean sheets for two days. I did not receive them. I saw a lady outside changing the garbage and ask her if I could please get them. She then insisted to bring the house keeper to my room. The house keeper began rolling her head raising he voice at me saying that we never ask to have our room serviced when I personally told her that we needed these items. I have had all I can take for the treatment my family and I receive here so I RECORDED THE CONVERSATION ON MY PHONE. The manager insisted on telling me that I HAVE NO COMMON SENSE, WAS TRYING TO BE A PROBLEM, WAS TRYING TO GET SOMETHING FOR FREE, AND THAT I AM A LIAR!!! I am in my right mind to take this recording to my lawyer and file a suit for discrimination being that I was just personally attacked by two of your employees just because I ask for clean towels, sheets, and toilet tissue. I very seriously doubt that anyone will take the time correct the behavior of your employees and how the guest are being treated, but if anyone ever decides to, the name of the Manager who made these comments to me is FRANCINE WALTON. We will be finishing our summer out at another hotel where is may cost more, but I'm willing to pay to be treated like a guest. I am disgusted that I have already put out all the money to stay here for nearly two months and I wish you the best of luck trying to keep this place up and running.

Donna Smith.

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    [email protected] Apr 14, 2011


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    [email protected] Apr 17, 2011


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dirty and disgusting rooms!

When we checked in, and arrived at our room, we noticed that the bathroom was still dirty. When we pulled...

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cleanliness standards and hospitality!

It was about 2:30 am on a Monday. There were no other choices because every other decent hotel was not awake...