Morgan-properties.comfraud alert


I'm sure we could find a large number of victims of Morgan-Properties for a class action suit! There are so many violations and I will address some here! Bate and Switch.. given one price for rental at lease signing the cost went up $100. Friends are charged a different rent! Fraud and theft of services, theft by deception. Dangerous living conditions such as but not limited to CO leaking from faulity gas heaters, faulity AC, faulity wires, black mold, mice, dust bugs, birds. Charging for water without a meter. No where is it mentioned that there is a charge of $70 for water, trash. As in my case I was very ill with heart problems 6-2008 and in the hospital, I was told that $3500 would be enough to stop court case. I gave all the money I had in the world. I was evicted by man posing as a sheriff employee. I called the cops and he would not let me talk to police. He was controling the police! He just kept yelling at me like I was a dog! Most criminals are not treated like I was that day! From the heart pain I had all day, if could have been a heart attack mild one. My entire deposit was taken by the thieves in the office! I was charged for the damage was Not MADE my me, but Brookmonts lack of repair and maintance. I am a clean person! I would clean the halls from the trash dropped by others! I had to put up with 8-10 people living in a apartment next door! Kids alone all day and hanging out the windows after they broke out the screens! Parties all night on weekends from the apt below. And a pitbull bite from that apartment. And nothing was done to both of those tenants. Over one thousand a month plus a electric bill of $260 a month because their AC is faulity and broken! Arlen Spector is helping Morgan properties in their lawsuit against AIG.. from a bail out no doubt, but who is helping us? Write to the BBB, FTC and contact L&I if you still live at brookmont. The black marks on the outside bricks is carbon and that means the heater is faulity and leakng CO! Maybe even contact Morgan-Properties Brookmont and Bobbie ruined my life and my health! I was kicked out the door by and man with a gun?? My small pets died, my plants died. I had no place to live after the money ran out from the motel stay. My husband lost his job over this! And we lost our auto from the lost wages. The stress ruined my health and we will never be able to rent again.. My family is being harassed by the collection agency. They want 2 months rent went we were not even living there. The list of damage is a joke.. new rugs $450.. nothing was wrong with the ones that were in there. I cleaned them with a steam cleaner weekly! $25 for a glass left on a high shelve.. charged for the mold and rust that grew in the bathroom after we were locke out. Charged for the dust that was all over the place, because the want a bee cop wouldnt let me turn off the AC. And charged $100 in electric when we were not even in the apartment! Please note that I was charged for the rotted food in the frig that I was not allowed to take at lock-out, $100 to clean refrig! I lost $200 in food! A hole in the wall that I repaired after a bird came in and my cat killed it! The hole was there from the day I moved in, I got tired of waiting for brookmont to repair it! What a fire trap that place is.. and unsafe and unhealthy! And L&I and the City of Philadelphia is doing NOTHING??

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