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The following letter has been sent multiple times to Monitronics with no resolution...

Excuse the following angry tone of this letter, but I am quite frustrated. For the last year I have been dealing with your company's poor customer service. It has resulted in the repositioning of your sign in my front yard so that it's not noticeable to potential clients - and will soon lead to me putting flyers on every house in our community telling this story.

After a year of talking to too many Monitronics representatives on the phone to count... this issue is still not resolved. And it's a measly $40 charge.

It begs one to ask: What is going on?

I've decided to stop calling, since that has not worked previously. I will write it all down here instead. Please forward it to a person that can actually do something about the situation.

The story:

After a botched sales job where the representative misquoted the price of having touchscreens installed (first big disappointment in your company) we had several installation blunders as well. One was that the installer didn't know how to even install the touch screen. The other was that they didn't know how to work it or tell me how to work it. It went on and on until finally things were cleared up by another installer that knew what he was doing.

Through all of them - we were told that our dog would not set off the motion alarm - as they had been rated to 'ignore' small pets. They asked the weight of our dog and concluded it was properly rated. I figured it was the heat sensor that worked according to body size. In any case - with this reassurance (from multiple representatives of your company) - we were not concerned.

Fast forward to our dog, of course, setting off our alarm. Why was this happening? No one at Monitronics could say - but they were willing to eat up our free 'passes' and even charge us for one of the times.

We called as soon as we got the bill and were told it would be taken off, as yes, the charge was ridiculous.

To add insult to injury - we ended up with an alarm system where the motion detector was useless because a small toy-dog would set it off. Very disappointed.

Fast forward to today - the matter is STILL unresolved. This after numerous calls and WASTED hours explaining the same thing again and again. (which is why I'm not calling anymore.)

The last person I talked to was a very nice and seemingly competent supervisor named Sean (ID 8565)

He was VERY clear about doing the following (I made him repeat it - that's how I know how clear he was):

* $21 late fees removed
* Original $39 fee removed
* Original 'free' guard visits removed from record
* NonBillable service call to be set up to see why the alarm was sounding

Sure enough - we had installers come. A good sign! Finally Monitronics was doing what they said they would. They said, "Oh yeah, it might be that the dog sits on the couch and triggers the alarm." To which we said, "Obviously dogs like to get on couches if they're small - that's where they sit." So it was a non-isssue. They should have told us this from the beginning. We would have never set the motion detector. Very simple.

All was good.

Except... the next month I get a BILL AGAIN. $41??????

What is going on? I figured maybe it would take a while for the system to clear it - but no. We still keep getting the same bogus bill.

This needs to be handled asap - and it needs to be handled without further hassle to us. I think that $41 is pretty darn trivial when compared to the warnings we will give to future potential customers (via blogging, word of mouth and flyers if that's what it takes) concerning the complete failure of your ability to handle a simple customer service situation.

So - Thank you in advance for fixing these ridiculous errors on my account asap.

Sincerely yours,


It's been nearly 2 years since we first signed our contract with Monitronics - and this is still unresolved. Since this letter, there were several more calls that promised to fixed this issue, but in the end never did. At this point, we are waiting for our contract with them to expire.

Save yourself the unnecessary stress... Do not use this company.


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      Oct 21, 2009

    Whoever it is that is in love with or employed by Monitronics and keeps making stupid comments about people whining and go pay your bills, etc. reflects the attitude of the entire company. This is basically how they treat and speak to customers. Are they hurting fo money so badly that they will not let people cancel and even those on month to month contracts(after being loyal customers for years). This whole company operates on fraud and deception. What a way to make a buck! Most everyone I have heard complain here are people who have decided to cancel for legitimate reasons and have already been with this company for a long time. Extortion, deliberately ruining credit and falsely charging for sevice not rendered is a demonstration of very poor business practice and should have been investigated and dealt with a long time ago by D.A. offices or the powers which regulate practice such as this. SHAME ON MONITRONICS! I am in the same boat as the rest of you. Fortunately I am filing bankruptcy and happily adding this company to those un secured creditors who will get nothing!

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      Dec 28, 2009

    As for your initial problems I think you are confusing Monitronics with your installing dealer. Monitronics does not install alarm systems only monitors them. So the genesis the tech not knowing how to install a touch screen keypad or properly mount motion detector is from the company that originally installed your system You should make sure that companies name is mentioned here as well. And FYI it might not have been your dog setting it off. Placement and adjustment of motions is a skill not all tech seem to have. And they should have had a grace period of the motion not reporting signals till all the kinks were worked out.

    So was the 41$ on the bill for the guard response? about the installing company that stared all this? Have you brought them into the fray? What (To people not from Las Vegas, the police do not respond to alarms in Sin City - a private guard has to be sent.)

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      Jan 03, 2010

    Motions are a funny thing. Would you be ### had it been set off by a person in your home trying to steel everything. Don't think so. granted you should have been told from the start the dog may set it off but I also would have figured it out after that alarm went off the first time.

    to Richc333 Last I checked Monitronics had been in business for 15 years so I don't see how thats possible if they extort and falsely charging for services not rendered to their customers. Or I guess it was just you. the company must have a personal vendetta agents you. So far in mu business with Monitronics there has never been a single action taken that wasn't already explicitly written out in my contract and if everyone that was so fast to complain would have actually taken a look at it before it was installed probably 90 percent of the complaints about the company wouldn't exist because you either would have known what was going to happen such as late charges, or wouldn't have gotten it installed.

    And I'm really sick of seeing people complain about not being able to get out of their contract. What exactly do you think a contract is?

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      Jul 20, 2010

    I have worked in the security industry for 6 years now and though i dont work for Monitronics i have to tell you that they are a very responsible and reputable company when you compare them to the ones currently in the market... it is unfortunate that you had a bad experience with your broker whether it was direct or indirect... If i understand correctly you're still under agreement as you said its being 2 years since you signed it and most AMA's last 3 years unless you have a 5 year AMA so you should expect the $41 statement to still be mailed to you unless you are on default which in that case you may be sent to collections... Anyhow you may not like the way this sounds but you signed up for it you might aswell just get them to give you an 80 lbs motion detector or move the motion (pir) you currently have in the premises to a different location so that way you can enjoy your system and have the peace of mind that you and your family if you live with any family members are being protected, and also fullfilling your obligations as the customer... as far as the charges im sure there is always a way to get a reasonable credit on the account for the time you didnt use it... SO!!! what im trying to say is that there are many things you can do as a customer to get your problem resolved, and i think that sometimes companies cant always control what their employees do and what not... a lot of the blame in your case goes to the tech side for leaving the premises without making sure that everything was cleared and that you didnt have any questions, but that didnt happen and that is why you have this feedback letter posted... My last thing to say to you is give yourself a break and give them a break too people aren't perfect and thats just the way life is sometimes we have to go through crapy stuff so that we can be better or understand things better... I hope this helps!!! I'll check it again in a week to see if you have any comments!!! Have a Blessed life !!!

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      Sep 10, 2010

    I also agree, Monitronics is only a monitoring alarm company. They do not sell nor install alarm systems.

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